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Why people listen sad songs on heartbreak:  Top songs you should listen

Music speaks the language of silence inside the depth of person. What you cannot say, music expresses even it doesn’t need any word or regional status to gain its credibility. Music of all over the world is enjoyed all over the world. Same works when you feel sad, things go darker and inexpressive but music stands by your side to compensate your feeling by reliving it. It doesn’t need to be genius to understand that the people love to listen sad songs when they are heartbroken due to love life, ambition issues or any kind of family issues or others. Any person with heartbreak has top heart touching sad songs of 2017 in his smart phone or personal music player. Collection is set up in genres where each genre propose to serve particular kind of mood or some set of situation or condition in any person’s life.

Songs which you should listen

Each year enlist its top songs as in categories or non –categorical format. Like, the year is serving new sad songs 2017 or most popular sad songs or similar kind of collections to go along with their journey of life.  There are some songs which you definitely include in your playlist

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  1. Someone like you: Like Adele other her other heartbreaking songs, this get really every chartbusters collections concern. The songs are triggering emotion and beautifully composed.
  2. You are in So vain: The 1972 songs with heart break lyrics get very popular that year and for later following years.
  3. Love will Tear us apart: One of the greatest or best break-up songs is said for these songs which are sung by Joy division.
  4. I will always love:  Longtime love expressed in the song sung by Whitney Huston. It was in numerous chartbusters and get popular among youngsters.
  5. We belong together : Mariah Carey sung this song o in 2005 special kind of bonded love is expressed between a separated couples
  6. Burn: One of the most popular singers, Usher sung the song burn where it is unsatisfied and incomplete love in-between relationship is expressed.
  7. Since you been gone: The popular type of break up song where they are expressing pain and anger and making another dimension of breaks among relationships. This songs sung by Kelly Clarkson.
  8. Tonight I’ m getting over you: The song expresses the same theme as moving on after a heartbreak and it is sung by Catly Rae Japsen.