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What’s the Nightlife Like on the Phi Phi Islands?

The nightlife on the Phi Phi islands has a lot going for it. The main areas are compact, very entertaining, vibrant and youthful compared to other tourist destinations in similar areas of the world. The islands host a range of pubs, bars, and restaurants. These are located centrally, which makes them easy to find and navigate. The music will usually stop around 2 am, but most of the time, bars will remain open as long as there are people in them. So, you may be thinking ‘where do people like to go?’ Well, let’s have a look.

Banana Rooftop Bar

The Banana Rooftop Bar can be found in Tonsai Village. The bar sits on top of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant roof. Loh Dalum can be viewed from the terrace of this bar, as well as magnificent sunsets. The building’s terrace also has an array of bamboo salas (with mats and cushions provided) and two bamboo bars, which serve a range of beers, spirits, and cocktails. Hula hoop competitions and fire shows are a popular form of entertainment at the Banana Rooftop Bar.

Rolling Stoned Bar

The Rolling Stoned Bar is another popular night spot in Tonsai Village. It opened in 2001 and the greatest live band in the Phi Phi islands plays here. The band’s popularity is because of their ability to play all music styles including pop, rock, blues, and reggae. This bar has floor cushions placed around low wooden tables, which gives the venue a hippie vibe. They also have four pool tables.

Slinky Beach Bar

To enjoy one of the wildest parties Koh Phi Phi has to offer, head over to the Slinky Beach Bar. This venue consists of a big open-air club/disco that sits right on Loh Dalum’s beach. Slinky Beach Bar offers its visitors a host of entertainment, which includes dancing, body and face painting, a mechanical bull ride, and fire shows (including skipping and limbo). The most famous fire show on the island is performed at this bar at 10 pm.

Carpe Diem

After enjoying a delicious meal at a Phi Phi beach restaurant, you can finish off your evening relaxing at Carpe Diem. This bar is located on the Tonsai East Beach and consists of a big terrace which has mats and cushions, low tables, and a view of the bay. On some evenings, the cushions and mats are put out on the beach. Tea candles surround you, which creates a very intimate ambiance. Live music and dance parties can also be experienced here.

Jordan’s Irish Pub

This pub is the party hub of Tonsai village. They have great deals on offer, including 3-for-1 on buckets, and they also have iced beer on tap. The drinks are reasonably priced, there are pool tables, and there is a TV that plays all the main sporting events. The pub has a ‘football’ style and has air-conditioning installed, which is useful with how busy it gets there. Guinness and a venue with an Irish theme are also on offer at Jordan’s.

So, the nightlife on the Phi Phi islands definitely won’t disappoint you. Whether you’re after a night of partying, you love sport or want a relaxed night absorbing the atmosphere, there will be something for whatever you prefer or feel at the time.