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What You Need to Know About JEE Main Examination?

There are a lot of things that are said and discussed about JEE Mains examination online but one need to keep in mind that not all the information provided turns out to be good and reliable. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that one gets acquainted with actual and reliable source in order to get all the relevant information without any sort of hassles. Though there are plenty of such examination guidance website out there, some turns out to be more comprehensive and  offers additional professional help and guidance to the students and also helps them with assessing their preparation stages with regard to the JEE Mains examinations.

Tough exam

Everyone out there knows clearly that JEE is one of the toughest sorts of examination that requires a lot of effort and time on one’s front in order to emerge successful. Even those who are good at the subject have not been able to gain a rank in this particular examination. However, clearing JEE would provide one the assurance to get into top colleges across the country as it definitely comes across as a sign of excellence in the field of engineering.Image result for Things to Know About JEE Main Examination


It is quite clear to notice that out of 14 lakhs people appearing for the exam, only about 20,000 people are actually able to gain a rank in this particular tough and rigorous examination process. It first requires you to clear the aptitude test and then if qualified in it, can appear for the mains examination. It is definitely looked upon as one of the best medium for getting into top engineering institutions like IIT and other such colleges.

Pattern of examination

As far as pattern of examination is concerned, there would be two papers in the Mains examination Paper I and Paper II. The syllabus for the examination would be from the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The questions would be categorized and provided in clear format for understanding of the students.

There are some websites online that provides for detailed account of information with regard to jee mains 2017 blueprint which would help you to take the right course of direction with regard to the examination. Make sure to seek the help of a reliable and authentic source in order to get the best possible information out of all. These are few of the most important things to keep in mind while one is planning to take up a JEE Main entrance examination.