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Uses For Engraved Crystal Trophies

The widespread use of 3D technology in printing has made bestsellers out of engraved crystal trophies. They have become more affordable and also visually pleasing. Their increasing uses has spurted the numberof orders at 3D studios.


Tournament orders

Prizes and trophies given out at tournaments are the first instance that one can remember for uses of the engraved crystal awards.Contests for children have more demand for these as trophies are to be given out to all participants. The first prize would be bigger, like a gold medal, compared to those given away to other participants. School leaving mementos have also lapped up this technology.

Amateur sporting events, martial arts tournaments, fishing contests and other junior sporting galas use engraved crystal trophies.


Corporate Awards and Honours

A very important quarter that sends engraved crystal orders to 3D studios is the corporate world. Rewards have become necessary in today’s competitive world. It encourages the staff to fare better. Companies also like to honor employees for their achievement in the previous month and even the young achiever trophy. These are generally plaques with the employee and the company’s name engraved on the trophy through 3D printing. Keychains, paperweights and other company stationery is also made of engraved crystal. These are generally given out to clients. They have always been the perfect marketing tool along with visiting cards. A beautifully sculpted inkwell seems fanciful at the desk. Personalized paperweights, pen stands, keychains and other stationery items made of engraved crystal can be kept at the cubicles. A whole writing set can be kept at the CEO’s table.

Retiring employees can be presented with a complete crystal dinner set as a mark of respect for their services.

Gifts to beloved ones

Engraved crystal trophies have their loyal following in anniversaries, birthdays, school leaving gifts to classmates. World’s Best Dad embossed on crystal is just what your father would hate to place down. Five years of marriage is reason enough for having your favorite photo from the wedding album engraved in crystal.

Each item is just a wonderful piece of art. If you want to gift them to family or just get one for the mantle, get your favorite quotes or verses engraved on these trophies.Famous sayings, food for thought engraved in crystal are just the right objects at the reading table. Poems look very beautiful in engraved crystal with imps and fairies on the borders. You would spend the whole day rereading the text and looking at the beautifully engraved borders. Frescoes with engraved pictures would just take us into old world art.

Not just trophies, engraved crystal is also used in making dinnerware and fancy articles like candle lamps, jugs and jars.