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Top 3 Service Desk Software Systems to Implement in 2018

Every business is first of all distinguished by the service it provides to its customers. Excellent service leads to new customers, and consequently to new opportunities, more income and fame.Nurturing customers’ requirements is not just a daily task or responsibility; it’s a strategy, an exclusive model that leads to new heights.


Every customer desires to be treated as a unique one, to have an opportunity to get answers to troubleshooting issues immediately, to have sufficient information about the product or service he is going to purchase. Always remember: the higher is the level of your service, the greater is the demand for your product. If you are currently searching for an effective solution that will automate and optimize every working process connected with service, support and client relationship management, check out the top 3 service desk solutions, compare them and choose one that best suits your company.


№1: Bpm’online


Bpm’online is a cloud-based solution that is number one when it comes to service desk. Click here to learn more

The fact of being the top one is conditioned by a range of advantages and opportunities this exclusive tool offers. It enables you with such powerful features as omnichannel communication opportunities, high level service and customer support, out-of-the-box processes, personalized approach, service catalogue and service level management, a complete view of every customer, single customer database, request, problem, change and knowledge management,

That’s not all, there are such additional key tools as synchronization and integration with various systems, disciplines and platforms, user-friendly interface that is really engaging and easy to use. Omnichannel support is one of the must-have features every service desk solution needs to have, as it gives a chance to be available and keep in touch via social accounts, customer portal or via phone, chat and email. What else does your team needto be better?!


№2: ManageEngineServiceDesk Plus


ManageEngineServiceDesk Plusis another rather effective service desk solution to consider. It offers many helpful tools including incident management, contract management, asset tracking and management, auditing, service request processes, knowledge base and management, surveys, alerts and tickets, automated routing, as well as multiple products.

This IT help desk is distinguished with its easy to use interface and good customer support, and customers love it! Among the cons users mention its intuitiveness, manual implementation of rules connected with business and customization.

№3: Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a cloud based service desk software solution that enables its users with unique and efficient features to manage and optimize the service they provide and provide excellent support. This system is distinguished with its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, multichannel support, integrated game mechanics, smart automation,incident and ticket management, knowledge and contract management and so on. Overall, this system is really easy to set up and easy to use, what concerns its cons, they are the following: its limited search menu, reporting module and history of interactions with customers.