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Top 10 Benefits of a Bud Box Grow Tent

Ever dreamt about having your own greenhouse, but don’t have the space or money to build one?

A Bud Box grow tent is the perfect solution for a cost-effective greenhouse. Being able to cultivate your plants in a controlled environment is sometimes critical for gardeners, and the ability to move the grow tent is in fact an added advantage over a greenhouse that has to remain stationary.

Top 10 Benefits of a Bud Box Grow Tent

  1. Strong and Robust, these tents are made for you to enter the tent frequently. The frames are strong enough for you to lean on in case you are side-stepping plants that are in your way.Image result for Top 10 Benefits of a Bud Box Grow Tent

You can also fit a heavy extraction system into your tent, and for this the tent needs to be able withstand the added weight hanging from it.

  1. Tested Hanging Bars are provided to install carbon or light extraction filter systems.
  1. Irrigation Ports at Ground level so that irrigation pipes can be fed through the allocated ports.
  1. Side Inspection Slots/Doors that give you quick and easy access to difficult to reach plants and equipment. You don’t have to open the main tent doors and risk disturbing the other plants.
  1. Bigger Ventilation Ports on the newer models to accommodate the most popular used ducting sizes within each tent. It also has drawstring around the sides of the ducting so that you can custom-fit it according to your needs.
  1. Ventilation Equipment Support Straps on newer models so that they can help stand the weight of heavy fans and filters.
  1. Viewing Window to keep a close eye on your plants without exposing them to potential hazardous factors such as a change in temperature or insects. The window has been fitted with a green filter to prevent any loss of natural light.
  1. Sturdy Metal Poles and Corners with an easy “lock, push and click” steel frame system so that it meets the wear-and-tear demands of daily use.
  1. No Support Bars in the Growing Area so that you have the freedom to design your preferred layout growing system.
  1. 100% No Light Canvas to take complete control of your plants’ lighting system within the Bud Box grow tent.