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This is how Virat Kohli is planning to lead India to victory in the

Nidahas Trophy.

The Nidahas Trophy 2018, cricket tournament is set to be held in March this
year at Sri Lanka. This year’s tournament will be played to mark the 70th
year of Sri Lankas’s independence. The tournament is going to be between
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, with each team playing the other two times.
Two teams will progress to the finals. A confirmed report by Sri Lankas Cricket
indicated that the matches will be played as Twenty2 International fixtures. In
November 2017, the venue and fixtures were confirmed.

The Hero Nidahas Trophy 2018 Live is fast approaching and each of the three teams is
definitely keen on ensuring they take the lead. However, it will take a team
with a lot of strength, enthusiasm and expertise. Better still, a team that
features a world re-known player, who has won trophies over the years, youthful and full of zeal.

Virat Kohli, is the player to watch duringthis long-waited game that will Live Streamon YuppTv. He isa multitalented cricket player and India’s team captain. He is tough and daringand is among India’s youthful and most promising players of the time.

That, coupled with the fact that he isorganised and posses great managerial skills, is a sure fact that he plans toexecute his talents, skills and experience to ensure that his team takes thetrophy home.

In 2008, Kohli took the World Cup home,after conquering Malaysia in the under World Cup Under 19.

In 2011, he scored a century in his firstWorld Cup against Bangladesh. Even after this, he decently continues win thegame throughout the tournament.

He has bagged several awards. In 2016 forexample, Kohli bagged the ‘Man of the Tournament’ award during the World T20.
At this time, India made it to the semi-finals. Additionally, he, during the
Indian t20 league, got 900 runs, and four centuries, all to his name.

Kolhi was the first batsman to register adouble century in four consecutive Test series. This was way above Sir DonaldBradman, the past legendary. This was a proof to the world that Kohli canactually take control of every format at the same time, without any mucheffort.

Kohli is a right-handed batsman with thefifth-highest centuries in cricket internationally.

Owing to his past experience, his youthfulstrength and his re-known tactics, Kohli is definitely set to conquer theoncoming Nadahas trophy.

Being the India’s team captain and also keyplayer, he is the man to watch as Dri Lanka may especially be eyeing the trophyto crown their 70th year independence anniversary.

It goes without saying that Kohli is keenon retaining his current status. Still, he would want to make another record,not only for himself, for his team, but also his country at large.

For this reason, he must be aggressivelygetting his house in order, preparing for the game, and ready to conquer.

However, time will tell if he will be ableto take himself and the Indian team to the next level.