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Who knew you needed a degree to understand steroids? Well, not really. But, it’s still rather difficult to fully comprehend what they are. No wonder steroid use is only permissible with a doctor’s prescription. In fact, steroid use can be lethal in the wrong hands. There are serious side-effects which should scare anyone who isn’t properly trained to dose themselves. With the right hands on a certain kind of patient, steroid use can work wonders. Someone suffering from anemia should be familiar with using this substance. Cases of men not producing the normal amount of testosterone have also been given clearance to take prescription steroids. So, it’s not all bad. It only becomes unsafe when it’s taken without your doctor’s authority, which is actually illegal.

All About Anabolic


The steroids produced for bodybuilding purposes are different from those used to treat patients. These are called Anabolic steroids. Basically, it’s a term used to describe a manufactured version of testosterone. While testosterone is made naturally in our bodies, Anabolic steroids are made in laboratories. Anabolic sounds very scientific and that’s because it is. It is more commonly known as Roids, Juice, or Stackers.  They can come in different forms such as an injection or pill. If you search hard enough you’ll even find steroids such as Anavar online. There are even ratings of 50mg Anavar tablets online. Since steroid use is strictly prohibited to real medical needs, doctors won’t likely prescribe them to healthy individuals only looking to bulk up their appearance.


Steroid Detriments for Teens

Putting steroids into your body can do some serious damage to your hormones, especially with developing teens. When someone so young chooses to partake in the use of steroids, it can really take their body on a ride. Steroid use has been shown to lead to breast development in men, facial hair growth in women, and acne breakouts for both. The hormones in your body run amok and it can even stunt growth. Why? Well when you finish puberty, your body receives a signal to stop growing. It takes a certain level of hormones to reach that point. With steroids, that signal might be sent way earlier than needed. So teen taking steroids might be shorter than what they could have been.

It’s Not All about the Looks


Ok, so you might look “better” to yourself when you look in the mirror. You have bigger arms, a firmer chest, and those six-pack abs only seen on superheroes. But, beneath the surface, your body will take a turn for the worse if the steroid abuse goes on. The worst condition is probably a heart-attack! When someone takes steroids more fat is actually deposited in the arteries. The more fat is stuck in the arteries, the more blood gets clogged. If enough fat is stored where it shouldn’t be, it might lead to a heart attack and even a stroke. So when you think it’s worth it to take steroids, you might want to think again.