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The Role of Innovation in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Every day we see the impact of innovation up close. Pharmaceuticals (Pharma) is one sector where innovation has a dramatic impact on the health and wellness of millions of people. Pharmaceutical industry has to go through a very extensive series of workflow processes to bring in the market a product that the customers can trust with their life. It is not just the sweat put in the creation of a “cure” or a “relief”, the time and money spent in the research to come with a solution are also enormous.


Development and Innovation

When an individual’s life depends on something, how easy is the job of innovation in such situations? Nowadays, everyone relates development and progress with innovation; and innovation with respect to medicine means providing patients battling with their lives a chance to live a longer and healthy life. Today, continuity in terms of innovation is what defines the Pharmaceutical Industry.

All the research that is based on the knowledge of science, the invention, and creation of new medicines and the continuous changes made in the existing drugs to make them better are the crucial elements that constitute the pharmaceutical industry.

Major illnesses and diseases like Cancer, Polio, arthritis, AIDS,etc. have been cured or managed in the past decade or so which has led to reduced death rates and better health and wellness of human beings. There are many pharmaceutical industries we can give credit to, one such leading pharmaceutical company is Mylan.

The Growth Story

The company started 50 years ago as a distributor of medicine in rural communities and now has spread its business to 165 countries, India being one of them. It has been the top pharmaceutical company so far because-

The very basis of innovation is to meet the unmet needs of people and that is what it strives on.


They don’t just work to provide a population of approximately 7 billion with a healthy lifestyle but to set such high health care standards that no lives are taken because of diseases that are not dealt with.

The best part about Mylan is that the team understands that it’s not how much the pharmaceutical industry gives them back financially, but how many lives they can change with their hard work and dedication.

The responsibility of a life is huge and the team does so with integrity and honesty. To do what the others overlook, to be unconventional and bold, is their mission.

India witnessed the amazing work of Mylan when-

They introduced an innovative portfolio of antiretroviral used to treat HIV/AIDS, including heat-stable combinations and paediatric formulations.

Since then, their business in India has bloomed and 4 new segments were created- Critical Care, Onco Care, Women’s Care and Hepato Care.

Pharmaceutical Industries don’t just restrict themselves to developing drugs but also, educate and aware people. The company organizes educational programs not to just empower the healthcare professionals to do their job effectively but also empower the patients to deal with and manage their disease with greater zeal and positive outlook in India.

Innovation in pharmaceutical industries is accompanied by a number of unique challenges which include ethical implications and social responsibilities. Yes, many lives now depend on how far the pharmaceutical companies can progress in the field of medicine. Mylan is definitely ahead in the race and for all the right reasons!