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The Necessary Checkpoints Before You Start a House Clearance Activity

House clearance is necessary for every kind of establishment like individual home, office, commercial establishment etc. It is a time consuming task which demands methodical approach for fruitful execution. For this purpose it is best to take the help of professional companies which are expert in the field of clearance. That is why there has been a growing demand for House Clearance Southampton services. Below are few tips to help you go through this activity without any hitch:

1: Plan and execute:

For a house clearance activity to be carried out smoothly, you need to plan out the time that will be required, so that everything goes smoothly. This includes planning for unplanned emergencies also. A professional House clearance Southampton service will surely have this part figured out so that they can carry out the work according to schedule. Like most things in life, you should be giving enough time to the company that you hire to clean out your establishment for it to be done properly. In the long run you will be free of any worries and the repetition of the same task will not be required for a certain time.


2: Use the sticker system to better organize:

It is best to go through the items in your home and decide which items to keep and which ones to get rid of, before you hire a professional house clearance Southampton Company. But then how do you communicate to the clearance company as to which stuff to dump, and which ones to leave…the best way to do it is the sticker system. Write down a word, for example: – “waste”, for all the stuff that you want to get rid of. For the things that you have decided to keep, use a different colored sticker from the “waste” stickers, and write “valuable”, so that it becomes clear to the people handling the work as to which should be handled in what way.

3: You need to have a fair idea about the amount of wastage that is supposed to be carried out by the clearance company. That will make the task easier for you as well the company that you hire. According to the volume, you can already think of a budget, and the same applies for the House clearance Southampton company also. If they know beforehand, what all materials they will be disposing off from your residence or office, they can give you an approximate estimate. An easy way to do this volume check is to apply the standard builder’s skip. These are usually seen in residential streets. Take the average of (5 cubic meters)7 cubic yards and you can use it as your benchmark as you walk around each room. Make a note of how much of a builder’s skip each sticker category would fill and add it all up for each category to get a total volume estimate.


4: Sell, recycle or donate:

There may be items that you don’t want anymore, but it could be of use to someone else. There are ways to get rid of decent quality items that are still in working condition. You can either sell them off through channel like Gumtree, eBay, and Freecycle which are all first-rate sites. Other options are to donate them to social enterprises and local charity organizations. A fire-safety certificate is a must for any upholstered furniture, or they won’t be able to take it. Many electrical items that are out of fashion for you might be a life saver for someone else, who cannot afford all the latest or even the outdated gadgets of daily use. Recycling is the best way to give back to the society. Make sure that the professional house clearance Southampton Company that you hire have proper legal license required to carry out such functions.

5: take care of confidential materials:

Identity theft is a problem which is growing with time all across the globe. Be careful not to throw out documents you might later need, and consider using a shredder to destroy confidential documents so that it does not fall into the wrong hands and cause you any kind of stress. Consider wearing a dust mask before you go around the house taking into account all the things that needs to be disposed off as over the years unused items must have collected its fair share of dust and grime. Open plenty of windows before you start and take extra care when lifting heavy items.

If you have checked off every point mentioned above then you are all set to start your house clearance activity, with the help of a professional house clearance Southampton Company. These companies generally have enough manpower, suitable vehicles to carry off bulky items, a proper policy for waste removal which is eco friendly, and all the legal paperwork needed to carry out these kinds of task.