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The Job Responsibilities of Investment Advisor Representative

Popular investment advisers are capable to bring complete financial information, analytical capability, and customer facilities to help clients explain and get to their financial objectives. An investment adviser necessitates training in business, economics or finance, as well as federal and state licenses. Certain employers also necessitate accreditation by legal associations. Since investment advisers occupy an essential part in the life of the client, they are bound to strict standards when it comes to their responsibilities and accountabilities.

Mr. Angelo Talebi is a well-known Investment Advisor Representative in the State of California and is a highly acclaimed multi-media producer, certified financial planner, radio personality, director, film documentarian, humanitarian, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As an investment advisor representative, Mr. Talebi performs the following tasks:

  • Discusses the financial goals with the clients and educating them on various investment categories and clarifying in what way each can benefit, or delay, the intents of the client.
  • Researches and analyzes strategies, market conditions and investments, to find out which choice is most suitable. Advisers must also keep pace with tendencies of the market and fiscal news to make sure their direction is precise and applicable.
  • Possesses comprehensive information of state and federal laws about financial advice, investments and fees for monetary facilities.
  • Federal law necessitates that investment adviser’s stick to the strict ethics rules. This necessitates that investment advisers’ position the financial security of the customer beyond their end result by revealing all significant facts about an investment.

Apart from the above mentioned responsibilities, an investment advisor representative needs to prepare numerous reports and letters, take care of databases and files and verify the data related to the finance. Investment representatives also offer managerial support in big agencies, carrying out work such as starting and allocating mail, organizing records and replying telephone calls.

In addition to his massive experience in finance, Angelo Talebi possesses Angelus Media Group which is a production company. He has completed MBA in finance from Lincoln University, Missouri and has received certification in behavioral finance from Harvard University.

Even though he is not of Jewish descent or legacy, Angelo is a philanthropist who considers himself as a spiritual warrior. He dedicates much of his time to the search of making the Jewish viewpoint of the Holocaust through the making of educational film projects. His gratefulness for the Jewish culture is a replication of his familiarity with the Jewish community. Angelus Media Group is a Beverly Hills based company, created by Angelo. The company has been created in order to be involved in different fields of businesses, from management, to company investments, and from event organizing to film production.

When not working, Mr. Talebi loves to travel to the new places and meet new people as a message of harmony and attachment. In his leisure hours, he enjoys kenpo and other martial arts as well as raises a specific breed of rooster from Thailand in his ranch. He is also involved in an Iranian/American Educational Program that targets to improve consciousness in dealing with always-changing world of finance in the U.S.