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The Best Trial Attorney in North Carolina practicing for more than Several Decades Now

Trial attorneys are the attorneys who work at trials. They do not typically get involved till the case is to be presented in front of a magistrate and panel of judges. Once it seems that the litigation will be going before a judge, they prepare it for trial and represent the client in court. He or she will be the one to ask queries of witnesses provide evidence and claim the case before the magistrate and panel of judges.

David Turlington is an experienced trial attorney who has been licensed to practice in North Carolina since several decades. He has extensive experience in both criminal and civil litigation. He focuses his practice in the areas of family law, construction law and criminal law. As of now, he is associated with Turlington Law Firm that serves as a Boone and High Country law firm. David has the capability to manage any kind of simple case or complicated case. He has conducted depositions in approximately all North Carolina regions, and has represented both individual and corporate clients in both AAA arbitration and mediation.Image result for The Best Trial Attorney in North Carolina practicing for more than Several Decades Now

Mr. Turlington offers legal services in a wide spectrum of areas in family law such as:




Post-separation support and alimony

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Child support

Child custody and visitation

Equitable distribution of marital property

Child support modifications

Mr. Turlington along with his team assists clients avoid and resolve construction law disputes in the following areas:

Engineering and architectural errors

Material suppliers rights

Mediation and arbitration

Contract disputes

Engineering and architectural conflicts

Mechanic’s liens

Collections and payment disputes

Mr. Turlington and his team has represented several numbers of criminal defense clients in state and local courts on charges starting from serious felonies to minor traffic offenses, including:

Possession of alcohol juvenile


Shoplifting and Larceny

DWI or Driving while impaired

Assault and battery

White collar crime

Possession of paraphernalia drug

Forgery and uttering

Possession of controlled substances

David Turlington states that since all cases are completely different from each other; therefore no two cases should be treated as one. He makes sure that his team methodically examines your case and develops distinctive solutions custom-made to suit your own requirements and those of your family. Whether you are dealing with contract disputes and child custody, construction issues or traffic violations, the experienced attorneys at Turlington Law Firm provides you with legitimate help, negotiates on your behalf, helps appraise your assets, and makes any agreements, settlements or contracts you may require. By approaching your case from various angles, they help make sure a helpful resolution for you and your family.

David says that at his firm, Turlington Law Firm clients are allowed to ask as many questions as they have to the attorneys.  The firm’s only objective is to bring calmness to you and your family via personalized attention. Moreover, the attorneys here wish to resolve your case in the most effective, profitable manner possible.