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Subconscious Mind Training – Robustly Alter Your Life.

Your subconscious is your real chauffeur, and it always takes you to the journey’s end that it considers you want to go. It is the platform by which you operate on a day-to-day basis. It is like your processor. You deliberately make an appeal and it delivers what it has been automated to deliver. It is in control of the automatically triggered emotions and feelings that you unexpectedly experience upon facing any given situation. It is the auto pilot that pedals the way you react to any incitement.

It is daunting powerful because it controls your life even in ways that you knowingly may not desire. It has been programmed to deliver bad or good based on repeated and accumulated input from all your past experiences.Image result for Subconscious Mind Training - Robustly Alter Your Life.

마음수련 is any method that implants a set ofperspectives, ideas, and experiences that work to disassemble habituated patterns of behavior, and perception. In the practice of training the mind, one relies upon their own inner strength rather than upon peripheral conditions.

So how do you reprogram or train your subconscious mind?

Your subconscious is very delicate and profound to your thoughts. Your thoughts form the matrix or mold through which the infinite wisdom, intelligence, energies, and vital forces of your subconscious flow. As a result, to control the way you respond to situations or perform mind training, you must program your subconscious through your thoughts to, in turn, make your body do your order. Because your subconscious mind is so dominant you have to get into its jurisdiction to communicate with it successfully enough to change its programming.

Are there real subconscious mind training procedures that work?

Your body reacts promptly to stimuli because some chemicals are released as a result of those stimuli, and the subconscious obtains the resulting electrical pulses, construes them, and commands the physical reactions based on its own pre-programmed sense of creating the correct response.

For instance, when a brute comes at you with a stick, your body releases certain chemicals based on your reaction to that stimulus. Those chemicals instantaneously flood your body and your body reacts in the way it has been formerly programmed to react- either fight or flight.

For any corporeal state, there are chemicals connected with that state that are released. So to produce that state at will, you simply must know how to ‘activate’ the release of the apposite chemicals, and the body will inevitably react in the desired way.

To change your subconscious programming, there are very successful ways.

The strategy to altering your subconscious to control you in any anticipated new way is to find the different and new triggers that will alter your subconscious response to any given situation. Firstly you must learn what your current triggers are, then you must remove them or ‘undo’ them, then you install new triggers.

Sounds convoluted? It is not complex at all, and there are very clear guides available for 마음수련, some even through the internet- that can take you stage by stage through the process.