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Sleeping Around the World: 5 Sleeping Habits that will Amaze You

 Sleep is one of the most basic human needs. Everyone sleeps. Even our pets need some time to rest. Sleep is essential in making people healthier and more energetic when it comes to completing their daily tasks such as jobs.

Scientifically, sleep is shown to improve a lot of things in the body. Adequate rest and sleep enable the body to increase its immunity towards a lot of disease and illness. Sleep also allows the body and mind to relax, boosting cognitive and motor abilities during waking hours.

The fact that almost everyone agrees is that people from all over the world need and want to sleep whenever they can. Whether it’s China or the United States of America, people should sleep. What’s unique is the attitudes and beliefs that a lot of individuals believe in. Here’s a look at some different practices that involve sleep from people all over the world.

Japan – Napping in Publicpipe

Inemuri or sleeping while present in public is a practice common in Japan. The Japanese believe that sleeping in public is a sign of being a hard worker. Japan is known for their strict adherence to honor, diligence, and discipline. People in Japan nap in public places such as a park bench or even during meetings.

United States – Sleeping with man’s best friendpipe

71% of Americans who own pets report that they let their pets sleep in their beds with them occasionally. A lot of Americans believe that their pets are more than just companions and see them more as friends. They also believe that allowing them on the bed provides a warm, happy, and relaxing environment that facilitates adequate rest and sleep for both owner and pet.

Spain – Siesta Sessionspipe

Siestas are a Spanish tradition that many countries practice. Italy and other European countries are also doing this tradition for thousands of years where they go for a break in the midday to pause and rest before going back to work in the early afternoon hours. People in the Philippines, especially those in the rural areas engage in siestas from working hard in farms and rice fields.

United Kingdom – Birthday suits in Bed

A lot of people in the United Kingdom usually sleep naked. There are scientific studies which show people who are sleeping naked are more likely to have increased immunity and higher resistance to common illnesses such as flu, fever, and colds.

South Africa – Early Bird catches the worm

Probably due to their hunter-gatherer roots, people in South Africa are the earliest to wake up from their beds. In a study done by some independent bodies, South Africans wake up earliest during Monday at around 6:00 A.M.


A country may hold different views and practices about sleep, but still, one thing remains: Sleep is important no matter where you go. People in Spain practice siestas while individuals in the United States sleep with their pets on the bed. It only goes to show how people look and value the importance of sleep. No matter what type of Mattresses people have, they will have sleeping habits stemming from their culture and ethnicity.

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