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Shopping for Certified Pre-Owned Cars Baltimore?

Looking for certified pre-owned cars Baltimore? Choosing a certified pre-owned auto is a wonderful way to save money on your car purchase.

What Makes a Used Car Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified pre-owned cars differ from other used cars because every certified pre-owned vehicle must pass a very specific inspection. Generally, these cars must be inspected, refurbished, and certified by a specific manufacturer or another certifying authority. Additionally, many will include some type of extended warranty or special financing.

Hyundai, for example, offers a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty on their certified pre-owned cars as well as 150-point inspection, to make sure every used Hyundai fits their standards.

What to Look for in Your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

The high price tags on new cars have many consumers shopping for used cars instead. Purchasing a used car is a great option; however, car buyers need to be aware of certain things as they scope out those used car lots. These tips will leave a smile on any buyer’s face as they drive their purchase home:

1) Always take a test drive: Never skip the test drive, and prospective drivers should take the car out on both local roads and highways. Cars may drive differently in different environments. Look for how the car handles and for any odd noises from the engine.

2) Interior and exterior: Prospective buyers should check out both the inside and outside condition of the car. Check the interior upholstery carefully and look for any repairs that have been done to the exterior of the car. Make sure the repairs were done professionally, and always look under the hood—check for rusty or dirty parts.

3) Leaks: See if the vehicle is leaking fluids. If so, this is a red flag. Let the car run for a minute and then move it. Get out and see if any fluids are on the pavement. If so, give it a pass.

4) Do your research: Look for the cars with the best resale value and look for cars that have had lots of recalls.

5) Mechanic inspection: Most car buyers don’t think to have a mechanic inspect their used car before purchase. This can lead to more expensive car maintenance down the road. If the dealer has a mechanic on site, it’s probably already been inspected, and the dealership will note this.

6) Certified pre-owned: Look for certified pre-owned cars because this offers buyers an extra level of quality assurance. Typically, these vehicles come with extended warranties.

7) Vehicle history report: Ask for a vehicle history to look for title problems, ownership history, service points and previous accidents. These reports should be available from dealers, but they can also be ordered online. They should also give you the correct VIN number for the car. Do a comparison to make sure the number matches the car’s description.

Ready to check out certified pre-owned cars Baltimore? Shop today!