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Rubber Enterprises And High Active Magnesium Oxide

Meishen Technology produced a kind of nanometer high active magnesium oxide by independent research and development. This kind of product bring more consistent quality and better effect of energy saving and emission reduction for the rubber tire’s sizing material. The combination property of the nanometer high active magnesia is much better than the traditional magnesium oxide. It improves rubbers’ tearing resistance and abrasion resistance and has already been widely given attention of the rubber industry in the domestic. Some large tire enterprises are in favor of it.

The new type high active magnesia material used in the rubber industry has three kinds of effectiveness, that is to improve the quality of products, reduce production cost and become more environmentally friendly. The full name of this kind of magnesia is: nanometer active magnesium oxide with high reaction interface. The Meishen Technology researched it and obtained a state patent. What’s more, it pasted the science evaluation of Chinese petroleum and chemical industry and caused a furor in the magnesia and rubber industry ar home and abroad. So it is called ” The leading-edge product of Chinese magnesium oxide enterprises “.

The Meishen Technology is a private enterprise which develops and produces magnesia professionally. The nanometer active magnesium oxide with a high reaction interface is researched by this enterprise. According to the information, this new material has a smaller grain size, a larger surface area and a greater activity than the general magnesium oxide. It can be used the equal part with general magnesia. What’s more, the physical performance of it is superior to the general.

At the the science evaluation of Chinese petroleum and chemical industry, the consistency evaluation of specialists is: the core technology of high active magnesium oxide project has newness and a number of independent intellectual property right. So it is in the international advanced level. The nanometer high reaction interface active magnesia has already been listed as one of the important innovation project by many tire and rubber enterprises. This important innovation project can lower the cost and improve the quality. Therefore, it was promoted the use in the formulation.