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Pros And Cons Of Using Hgh Supplements And Injections

The pituitary gland in which the Human growth hormone is secreted is present in the brain. This pituitary gland received signals from hypothalamus for increasing and decreasing the production of growth hormone. Hypothalamus helps in maintaining many functions in the body both physiologically as well as physically. When the growth hormone levels have to be increased, neurohormone which is called growth hormone releasing hormone helps in triggering the pituitary gland and then the production of the growth hormone increased. When the levels are sufficient the production will be stopped and it is signalled by somatostatin.

All About HGH

When the growth hormone is secreted into the blood, other hormone named IGF- Insulin like growth factor-1 will be synthesised in liver. This helps in cell growth and replication as well of repair of many cells as well as tissues in the body. Growth hormone helps in growth and development of muscles and this is the reason many bodybuilders as well as athletes like to use HGH. HGH also helps in metabolism of fats and sugars and helps in maintaining the levels of fluids in the body. Check out the strongest supplements available in 2016.

HGH supplements and injections

There are many supplements of HGH and HGH injections, there are pros as well as cons using it. HGH supplements and synthetic HGH is used when the levels of growth hormone are inadequate in adults and infants. HGH supplements are for supporting the functioning of the pituitary gland while HGH injections are for replacing the growth hormone. The levels of this growth hormone in the body gradually decrease as the age increases and this is natural. This can cause osteoporosis and increase the levels of fat in the body and even the memory may be effected. Due to medical conditions or improper functioning of the pituitary gland, the growth hormone may not be produced properly. If children are not growing properly, then there are chances that their growth hormone levels are less. In few cases they may be deficit of this growth hormone and they need to be treated and HGH injections are given as a part of the therapy.

Pros and Cons of HGH supplements and injections

Using injections is not entertained in many cases as if the levels of HGH raise drastically, it can lead to side effects and this is extremely dangerous. Self diagnosis of this HGH injection is dangerous and is risky. HGH injections and supplements can have advantages like there will be increase in the muscle mass and the bone density also increases, the person achieves lean body mass which attracts many athletes and bodybuilders. While there are cons using the HGH supplements and injections as many people who use HGH supplements or injections find muscle pains and joint pains are found common. There is also risk of increase in the cholesterol levels and never pains are also seen. HGH supplements are safer when compared to the injections. When bodybuilders use HGH injection with any other anabolic steroid it is very dangerous and can cause adverse reactions.