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Preventative Maintenance for Your Automobile

Preventative maintenance is as important for your vehicle as physicals are for your health. Finding little problems before they become major ones can save you money on repairs or the expense of buying a new car. Sometimes, it could cost thousands of dollars to replace a major part just because a small repair was not performed.

Maintenance You Can Do

Even if you are not handy with tools, there are a few things you can do to ensure your car or truck is running smoothly. Checking the oil and other fluids, including water, can prevent the engine from overheating or seizing. You can also check your tire pressure. Keeping them at the recommended pressure can help you to get better gas mileage and prevent a flat.

Check the lights to make sure they are all in working order. Look for leaks when you move your vehicle. If there is oil under the car, you should have it inspected to find the cause immediately. Look at the belts to see if they show signs of wear. They should be replaced every so many thousand miles. Your owner’s manual will have recommendations for this type of maintenance.

Some Repairs are Better Left to a Professional

Of course, you cannot perform all the repairs your vehicle will need. Some things will require a professional. For example, replacing filters, having the alignment checked, or the suspension checked will be a maintenance issue for a mechanic who has the proper tools. If you are involved in a collision, you will need to have your vehicle checked out to ensure there is no unseen damage. Jewell Collision is a company that provides suspension work lakewood co.

Become familiar with all the things that should be done to keep your car running safely and smoothly. If you do not have an owner’s manual, you will probably find one online. The manual can be immensely helpful for providing you with a list of everything that should be checked and when. It will also tell you what type of replacement parts should be used for your vehicle.