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Some Obligations While Pursuing an Internship in Australia

It is a dream of many candidates to complete an internship in the field of study so that an industry knowledge can be received and a professional workplace can be seen from close quarters. For such candidates, it can be a cherry on the cake to get an internship through PGP Australia. It is because foreign candidates who are not much acquainted with the country can get valuable insights into an industry and can also discover the nation from really up and close. Moreover, Australia is known to be a friendly nation to almost every other country, barring only a few.

Hence, a foreign intern can surely love the Australian way of life while living in the country and also pick up some really helpful skills along the way. However, during a stay in the country, there can be certain obligations that one must follow. Some of them are as listed here.

  • Staying in touch – An intern willing for an internship in Australia must stay in contact with his consultancy firm at all times. All forms of communication should be responded to within two to three business days so that a consultancy can stay sufficiently assured of the candidature.
  • Attending all correspondence – Prior to the start of a program, a candidate must attend to all fixed telephone interviews by a consultancy firm. When an internship interview is arranged by them, that must be attended at all cost.
  • Complying with the Host Organization – It is also important for a candidate interested in an internship in Australia to comply with the requirements of a Host Organization. If a candidate has to meet a deputed person from the Host Organization at a particular time and place, that must be fulfilled. The candidate should also follow all their rules, procedures and requirements so that an internship can materialize successfully.
  • Respecting Australian Culture – It is essential for a foreign candidate who is looking forward to an internship in Australia to respect the Australian culture and ethos and fully comply with all rules and regulations of the land so that an internship can stay as a satisfactory experience of a lifetime.
  • Conducting of oneself – It is also crucial on the part of a candidate to fully co-operate and follow all rules, regulations, and policies that are laid down by a manager or landlord of the accommodation in the country.
  • Performing internship correctly – All duties as mentioned in the Training Agreement must be done by a candidate with a very high level of care, concern, and skill that can amply help in justifying a candidate’s education and knowledge.
  • Special requirements for Visa 407 and 408 – Candidates who are on 407 and 408 visas must provide a satisfactory monthly financial proof to the consultancy during their stay within the country so that the consultancy can stay sufficiently assured of their well being.
  • Requirements for spouses – If an intern is on a 407 or 408 visa and is there in the country with his spouse, the financial comfort of the spouse must also be determined. A comfortable financial proof of the spouse should also be submitted monthly to the consultancy.

All these are some of the basic obligations that a candidate must fulfill for securing an internship in Australia. These requirements are basic in nature and can easily be met with the least care.