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Need to Bail Someone Out Fast? Here’s What You Need to Know

No one is ever fully prepared for those late-night phone calls. A family member such as a son or daughter, a close friend, or even a spouse is on the other line. They’re in jail. They’ve been arrested. They need your help.

But how do you help? What are you supposed to do in these situations? Can you do anything at that very moment, or do you have to wait until the next morning?

This is where express bail bonds come in.

Express bail bonds are simply standard bail bonds faster. If you don’t know what bail bonds are or how they work, that’s where we should start. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about standard bail bonds and how they work, and we’ll explain how express bail bonds can help your loved one or friend out of jail even faster.

Initial Stages of an Arrest

The first thing to happen in an arrest is booking. This is when the individual is taken into custody and transported to the booking and jail location for the county. During these initial stages of booking and arrest, the arrested individual will be photographed and fingerprinted. They will also likely have a background check conducted on them, and police officers will conduct a nationwide warrant search using their name and personal information as well.

Personal belongings will be taken away from the individual, and they will be made to wait for several hours before all these steps are concluded.

Setting Bail

Once the booking process is over, the bail amount will be set. This specifies the amount of money that must be put up or “held” by the court to ensure that if released, the arrested will return at a specified date and time for their hearing.

This is the amount of money that is usually asked to be put up by you, the friend or relative. Unfortunately, it may be a high amount that you cannot afford. A bail bondsman, however, can put up this amount on your behalf, and you will pay a specified percentage of the full sum (that you won’t get back) to the bail bondsman for this service.

Obtaining Bail Bonds Faster

Remember that it’s not uncommon for unexpected arrests to happen in the middle of the night, in the early hours of the morning, or on the weekend. Your friend or family member will be scared and nervous in jail. It’s important to have access to bail bonds fast.

If you need to get a friend or family member out of jail quickly, choose express bail bonds. These bonds can be obtained online in 15 minutes or less in some cases. If you choose, of course, you can also apply for bail bonds in person. In Houston, the bail bonds office is just across the street from the Harris County courthouse.