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Know Top 3 Mercedes Sprinter Conversions in The World

Mercedes Sprinter Vans are well-liked for their spacious interior. They are however the most sophisticated full-size commercial vans available in the market for customized conversion.

The annual sales of Mercedes Sprinter are also growing due to high user demand these days. So what actually makes users go crazy after them? Mercedes Sprinter is highly customizable. It has a wide variety of options for customizing interior effectively. Owners as well as up-fitters can let their imagination run wild as they go on designing their dream Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.


Sprinter vans give versatile options for possible conversion ranging from less fuel consuming modern gas to diesel engines. And a newly introduced all-four-wheel edition makes it lot easier to carry cargo and passengers through rough terrain and bad climate conditions. Mercedes Sprinter vans also come in variable sizes starting from small and easy-to-drive versions to extra tall and extra large models that can be excellently converted by a few select approved Mercedes manufacturers into something that would feel like your own special dream on wheels!

So let’s find out about three of the most amazing conversions professional engineers and upfitters have made possible by using the frame of Mercedes Sprinter.

  1. Bespoke Luxury Sprinter Van

There are few certified Mercedes Sprinter conversion specialists and up-fitters specializing in custom tailored luxury vans. With expert engineers and craftsmen, they work dedicatedly for many weeks to custom convert standard Mercedes Sprinter Vans into luxury vehicles for special riding experiencse inside and out. Bespoke luxury Sprinter van conversions range from CEO mobile office to family vans with built-in TVs, beds etc.

Bespoke luxury Sprinter vans are best known as magnificent celebrity yachts transporting famous and prestigious people like movie producers, rock stars and hosts of reality TV or talent shows.

Each of these vans is finely up-fitted with materials like custom grills, bumpers and wheels to give an exclusively modern touch to the exterior body. Again in the interior there is the use of the newest wireless technology including live TV, WiFi, Bluetooth, Flat screen monitors, touch screen control panels and gaming stations etc. Other special features like custom leather furnishings, led lighting, mini bars and reclining massage chairs are also included in them for giving a superior riding performance.


  1. Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Camper Vans

Now you can have custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van for recreational pleasure on the road. The custom 4×4 edition of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers better grips and safety while going camping on all roads or weather conditions. And, there is no doubt that many travel trailers and camping enthusiasts have started taking advantage of these vans!

These vans are designed as the lightest models with great fuel efficiency conversions ever made for camping activities. They have been incorporated with various floor plans and equipment options like refrigerator and gas stove, kitchen with sink, air conditioning and heating in-cabin, shower, cassette toilet, music system, TV and internet connectivity etc. fuel efficient 4×4 conversion ever. The Mercedes conversion specialists have actually done a great job arranging folding beds, Penthouse top and other complimentary yet luxury facilities in the camper vans to make them an ideal product for camping and outdoor activities.

  1. Custom armored Mercedes Sprinter Vans

There are Mercedes approved custom builders creating custom armored Sprinter vans with ballistic protective features and additional payload capacity. These kinds of vans are perfect for commercial use like transiting jewelry, cash and other expensive cargo. They are bullet resistant and come designed with exterior and interior video surveillance, armored suspension, armored door hinges and other security features for giving utmost protection. With these bullet-proof Mercedes Sprinter vans, customers can have a reasonable option to carry their valuables and bodies safely.

To custom build your dream Mercedes Sprinter van, find a reliable custom vehicle builder or search for them online. It will give you links of companies that deal in custom converting Sprinter vans.