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Some Inside Info About Bread Making Machines

Because of the rising trend of using a bread machine to bake perfect bread, many people are purchasing it. But if you’re still not convinced about the utility of a bread machine, here’s why you should use it:-

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Less time consumed to prepare bread
  3. Finer texture
  4. Rises higher
  5. Not much attention required – it saves you from the efforts of changing blades, mixing speeds, greasing bowls, finding a cover etc. as the machines have the abilities to take care of all of it itself. All you have to do is to have a glance over the dough after a regular interval of 10 minutes.
  6. Timers – wish to have bread for breakfast? All you have to do is to set a timer for 4 am, and the bread machine will start functioning at that time. Imagine you wake up, and the bread is ready.
  7. Fewer chances of failure – Baking bread requires a skill. With a bread machine, the chances of failure reduce significantly.

If you’re a beginner at baking bread using a bread machine and want to know where to start, we’re here to direct you! You must read this article, right after you have washed your newly bought bread machine.

  1. Let’s start!

Use a bread machine mix, if you’re using the bread machine for the very first time, to check the consistency of the dough. After that, choose a simple recipe such as pizza dough. For starters, start preparing a loaf of white bread as it is easier to prepare than most of the other breads like whole grain bread.  You can bake these bread after you gain some experience with the bread machine. has glutenfree breadmakers that can make your life so much easier.

  1. Try to follow the ingredients as mentioned

When you’re new to baking bread using a bread machine, try to follow the ingredients as mentioned in the recipe. Substitution of ingredients must be minimized as it can fail. For example, if you substitute whole wheat flour for white flour, it is bound to be a failure as both of them absorb unequal amounts of moisture and contain unequal amounts of gluten. Similarly, different yeasts have different functioning.

  1. It is okay to open the lid

It is okay to open the lid at regular intervals to check the dough. In fact, it is essential! It must be ensured that the blade is at its place and you’ve not forgotten anything. When the lid is opened, the dough is to be checked carefully. If it is too wet, flour is to be added one tsp at a time. If it is too dry, the liquid is to be added one tsp at a time.

  1. Using good quality accessories

Purchasing of good pans is very important for getting a nice crust on the bread. Some of the things you can purchase to ease the process and bake better bread are pizza pans of good quality, cake pans, loaf pan and instant-thermometer.