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How Weather Affects Pest Movements and Patterns

Pests are ever seeking warmer and safer shelters in addition to dependable food sources. Unfortunately, your home could be the most alluring environment for the survival of common pests. For instance, as the weather gets cool outside, it can rapidly result in an indoor insect invasion. It follows that the threat posed by pests is largely dependable on weather changes, making it important that you employ season specific pest control to keep these critters out of your comfortable abode. To achieve this, you need to be aware of seasonal pest patterns while taking necessary precautions during each weather shift.

Insect Awakening and Mating During the spring

Spring is characterized by melting ice, warm temperatures, and blooming flowers. This combination of moisture and warmth compels the pests to emerge from their hibernation and winter nesting spots, and their activity significantly increases. For instance, there is increased awakening of bees and wasps from their hibernation and swarming of termites. Excessive moisture following the rains often brings ants indoors as they look for higher ground.

Spring is also the ideal season for mating, and you can expect to see a lot of pest movement outside your home as they search for food, water, and mate. Other pests will be looking for protected areas like your home to build their nest. It is, therefore, imperative that you be mindful of any vicissitudes inside your home, including ant invasion, or piles of insect wings.

Summer and Backyard Pests

Summer is popularly known to bring massive numbers of mosquitoes along with it. After the heavy rains in the spring and summer, it is expected that there will be pools of water, a perfect breeding place for mosquitoes. While mosquitoes won’t invade your home in the real sense, their general presence and bites is often a nuisance and could prevent you from fully enjoying your yard during the summer months.

Besides, there are more summertime insects like bees, wasps, and ticks. Wasps and bees are often found constructing their shelters in the ground close to your home’s foundation and beneath overhangs. In addition to being annoying, bees and wasps invasion could present health risks especially because they are notorious for attacking humans. Deterring these insects from building their homes and establishing their presence in your yard will require specialized effort. Go to for professional assistance getting rid of pests and improving the enjoyment of your outdoor space in the summer.

Insect Patterns during the Fall

Fall is characterized by dropping temperatures with the majority of pest species seeking warmth in sheltered places, including your house. It is therefore expected that ladybugs, spiders, and boxelder bugs will start seeking refuge in your home, despite staying hidden in cracks and crevices, out of sight. You will want to ensure that all cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices in your garage, floors, siding and attic are sealed appropriately to keep these pests out.

Improved awareness of regular pest patterns in and around your house could go a long way in combating pest invasion and deterring them from seeking shelter in your home. This is especially true if you note your observations to a reputable pest control professional for relevant assistance.