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How To Get A Flat And Firm Stomach With Abominoplastry

Most people strive for a flat, firm and well-toned abdomen through regular and eating a healthy diet. However, in many cases, these methods are not enough for them to achieve their objective regardless of how hard they try. In fact, many individuals having a normal body weight and proportion can evolve a protruding stomach due to a number of factors. However, the primary reasons are due to significant variations in the person’s body weight, the aging process, heredity conditions, pregnancy and previous surgeries. Adominoplasty is a procedure that removes the surplus fat deposits and skin for a patient’s abdominal region to create a stomach that is flat, smooth and firm.

Sono Bello is a prominent and popular cosmetic surgery clinic in America, which provides unique and innovative abominoplastry treatments like TriSculpt™ liposuction at affordable prices to the public, which makes the clinic stand out among the crowd. Unlike many of its competitors in this field, the Board Certified Plastic and Facial Plastic surgical experts of this clinic consider cosmetic surgery to be not just a science but also an art and leave no stone unturned to exceed their clients’ expectations. Moreover, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc certifies this clinic, which implies that the patients who come to here for their surgical operations can expect healthcare treatments of the highest quality. This is the reason it is the first choice among most people in United States who undergo such surgeries.Image result for How To Get A Flat And Firm Stomach With Abdominoplasty

Factors patients need to consider

The competent surgeons of this reputed clinic explain that people who undergo this surgery dispel the notion that abominoplastry is a convenient weight loss program or substitute for regular exercise. While the results of an abominoplastry operation will be positive for individuals who undergo the surgery, they can greatly reduce when there are major fluctuations in his or her body weight. This is the reason why they advice women who intend to go ahead with their pregnancies or a substantial weight loss to postpone this operation.

Steps in performing an abominoplastry surgery

The surgical experts further explain that in an abominoplastry surgery involves the following steps:

  • Anesthesia

During proceeding with the operation, the medical practitioners conducting the surgery will administer a general anesthesia or a suitable sedative to the patient.

  • Incision

In this operation, the surgeons will make a small horizontal incision in the patient’s abdomen in the region of his/her hairline and belly button. The shape of this cut will determine that amount of fat cell deposit and skin that the medical experts need to remove in order to repair the weaken muscles in the region. Similarly, the specialists may have to make a second cut in the region of the patient’s navel to eradicate the excess skin and fat in his/her upper abdomen.

  • Closing the incisions

After removing the excess fat accumulations and skins, the surgeons will close the incisions they have made in the patients’ body with Sutures, skin adhesives or tapes.

The proficient surgical specialists from Sono Bello clarify that abominoplastry body contouring procedure will result in a firmer, flatter abdomen that is proportionate to the patient’s body weight so long he/she exercises regularly and maintains a healthy diet.