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How To Find The Right Fake Grass For Your Lawn?

There are several things to consider when you decide to carpet your lawn with artificial grass. Simply put, budget is not the only thing to look into if you want your artificial grass to last long. Making the right choice is what really counts. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right artificial grass for your lawn.

Look into the color.

One of the most important tips in buying artificial turf in Sydney according to Australian Synthetic Lawns is to consider the color of the grass. Synthetic grass comes in different sorts of green such as dark green, lime green, olive green and etc. Always keep in mind that the cheaper ones come in single flat green shades and you can easily identify them from the natural grass.

One tip: don’t buy turfs that are flawlessly green. Instead, choose the imperfect and settle on a turf that has various shades of green along with some brown smudges too. If you want to have a lawn that will complement your house, take samples outside your house and see which one looks great under the sun. In the end, you will still be the one to choose what color you want for your own lawn or garden.

Know the needs for maintenance.

Artificial grass needs less maintenance compared to natural grass. However, maintaining artificial turfs will generally enhance its durability. Take note, when choosing artificial grass for your lawn, it is important to consider your area’s weather conditions. Another piece of advice, if a cheaper turf cost you more money on regular maintenance, you should rather purchase the more expensive turf.

Focus on quality.

If you want your lawn to look amazing for several years, quality turf best suits you. Quality turfs are more expensive than the rest. Installing artificial grass on your lawn can be considered as an investment and if you want your turf to last for years, it is better for you to purchase the best quality products.

Consider the foot traffic.

If you are planning to install an artificial turf in your gardens or lawns, the first thing you must consider before making a purchase is the amount of foot traffic in the area. You need to identify the persons (this may include pets) involved. If your kids love playing outdoor games, then the best type of turf for your family is the one with nylon.

Check the pile height.


Pile height refers to the average height of the yarns measured from the top of the backing layer. If you want your turf to look natural, it is recommended to go for a pile height of 30-37 mm. But if you are going to place furniture or any other heavy and big accessories, choose a shorter pile height as it will render better sustainability.

If you’ve already found the right turf for your lawn, the next thing to do is to decide is whether to install the grass on your own or hire a professional contractor. A better choice is to hire professional installers because they have the knowhow of proper turf installation. Make the right decision to choose synthetic turf installation from Australian Synthetic Lawns in Sydney over DIY for a perfectly-laid synthetic turf.