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How Possible Is It to Get a Perfect Masticating Juicer

Learn How You Can Achieve a Perfect Buy When You Need a Juicer

The fact still remains that many people develop a disdain for different products because they fail to learn how to get the best of such products when they want to purchase. If you read the review by experts, you will understand how important masticating juicers are to modern families, especially now that the culture of eating fruits and vegetables gets imbibed in every home because of how important it is. However, this will not remove the pain you feel when you spend your money on a bad juicer. This is why you should also read the review by people who know about juicers. That is where the best way to buy the perfect juicer is elaborated.


  • The first thing to consider before purchasing a juicer is how easy it is to use the juicer. The ease of use tops every other consideration. It must not be difficult to assemble, juice with it, disassembled and clean. If you get a juicer that is difficult to use because of having too many parts, juicing will no longer be a delight.
  • You have to look at the level of noise the juicer creates when juicing. You are better off with the quieter ones. You don’t want to wake up the entire neighborhood because you want to make a quick juice before you dash off to work.
  • Also, look at the size. Is it something you can tuck into your small bag and jet off for vacation? Remember, you need your juice everywhere and every day. You might not need a juicer that is so bulky that you can’t move with it or that a large space has to be reserved for its storage at home.
  • Check the warranty and ensure that those factory defects that may not rear their ugly head immediately are covered. Ensure that you can return your juicer for another one if it serves you for only a month and stops working for no fault of yours.
  • Consider the amount of power it needs to run. If it needs more power than the normal 400 watts, you are in for increased electricity bill. Consider the ease of cleaning and then the price.

Juicing Facts You Should Know

There are some subtle health implications of the type of juicer you get, especially as it concerns what you will be juicing most frequently with it. Before you jump into the market to purchase this machine that will be very beneficial to the nutritional life of your family, you have to understand the difference between fruit and vegetable juice. Now, the fact remains that fructose, which is a type of sugar in whole fruits transform into the insulin promoting triglycerides, which can cause heart diseases and type “2” diabetes.

You also have to understand that getting a juicer wouldn’t stop you from eating the vegetables in your regular meals. You still need them. What the juicer does is to take huge amounts of vegetables and fruits and turn them into a small amount of liquid. So, you have to be ready to buy fruits and vegetables in large quantities if you want to be juicing. You have to understand that using a juicer entails having the time to do it. It takes about 10-20 minutes to make a juice for two people and clean the juice properly. So, the time must be there before you buy any juicer. You don’t want to purchase something you will not use.