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How Different People Have Experienced The Effect Of Phentermine

Phentermine is generally recommended to people who are suffering from overweight and obesity. If you read testimonials of Phen users then you can find both good as well as bad experiences. This drug is known for not only its effectiveness as a weight loss pill but also in suppressing appetite and lowering high BP. It is also useful for people suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

What are the views of various users?

If you go through the reviews of various users then 88 per cent users found this drug useful for chronic weight management issues. Some of the obese patients could lose 83 pounds of weight within 10 months. They have also been walking a mile everyday and taking vitamin D3 and B12 along with ketogenic diet.

  • A person reported to have lost 82 pounds after 8 months. However she experienced heart pounding whenever she tried to do exercise before taking this drug.
  • Another obese person lost about 20 pounds within a month by taking phentermine along with lipo shot of B12 every week and doing workout before taking lunch, 5 days in a week and also jogging every day, during evening.
  • A person reports to have experienced loss of appetite, headache and loss of energy after taking this drug for 5 days. He had to literally force himself to eat something. He even lost appetite to eat junk foods or sodas. However within 5 days he lost 9 pounds too.
  • Few patients tried this drug for 1 month found getting lots of energy whenever they took the medicine and their hands were trembling. They did not experience any loss of appetite.
  • Some told that they tried it for 3 weeks and it worked well and reduced their appetite, however their anxiety increased. Even when the dosage was reduced, anxiety issues lingered.
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Views of diabetic patients

One diabetic patient lost 20 pounds within 3 months and his body became more sensitive to insulin.  And his fat tissues were reduced.

Another diabetic person lost 25 pounds after taking the drug for 3 months and also managed to reduce his A1C to less than 7 and was extremely happy with the result.

Some of them were felt happy, after using it for a year as their A1C level got reduced significantly. Actually, they were comfortable with the side effects. According to them, these side effects were better to suffer from than remain obese and under type 2 diabetic condition.