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How competitive swimwear has changed in the past century

A good swim wear is very crucial and essential for competitive swimmers. It is utmost important that the swimming costumes should be made of good fabric and shall give a full body coverage, as every second counts when it comes to competitive swimming. Swim wear has gone through major evolutions during the past century, and the passion for the sport has never wavered since then. The 1912 Olympics in Stockholm was the first one to host women’s swimming and the winner was Sarah Frances from Australia.

The swim wear worn by her was extremely modest and featured a bike-short style leg and scooped neckline. There was also no pattern on the monochrome piece, making it and extremely simple one.Image result for How swimwear has changed in the past century

Then came the 1920’s, during this decade fashion and class was given priority over functionality. Athletes used to wear striped one-pieces with swim skirts. Some of them even wore swimsuits that featured waisted belt and swim skirts during that era. The material used during those days was rayon, which is an alternative to silk.

During the 1950’s, modest and simpler designs of swim wear stepped in. These modest designs were made in block-colors and featured a swim skirt just like the 1920’s.

Later in the 1970’s, elastane was introduced to swimwear. The major objective was to improve the durability and water drag. Bold reds, greens and gold patterns were introduced during this time.

In 1980’s came the racerback. Lisa Curry Kenny wore a green and gold racerback one piece in 1984 Olympics.

Nothing much changed during the 990’s. Hayley Lewis wore a similar one piece that featured a racerback and high cut hip.

Recently, in the 2000’s, it was a covered affair. Swimmers wore suits that covered most of their body. Later in 2008, they were banned as full body suits were said to reduce drag in water. With advancement in technology, the swim wears were made with high quality fabrics like polyurethane.

Later on, new rules were made and it was declared that men’s swimsuits could only cover the area from their naval to knee and from shoulder to knee in case of women’s swimsuits.

Recently, swimmers in the Rio Olympics held in 2016 wore simpler designs that extended to their knees. Swimmer Bronte Campbell wore a firm fitting swimsuit with high neck that ended above her knees. Men, on the other hand wore firm fitting swim shorts that ended above the knees.

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