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Halal Foods in Medan

Wonderful Indonesia

Medan is a melting pot of cultures. Centuries before, people of various ethnicities came to trade then settled here and have since lived in harmony. This assimilation resulted in plenty of cuisines, influenced by several cultures and traditions. You’ll be able to find Chinese food, Malay, Minang, Indian, Javanese and several fresh, innovative cross-cultural fusion cuisine from the capital of North Sumatra.

In case you’re a Muslim traveler looking for halal food, below are some of Medan’s finest spots to appreciate them. Let’s munch!

  1. Mie Aceh — Titi Bobrok

Jl. Setia Budi No. 17C

Mie Aceh is an Acehnese curried hot noodle dish, specialization of the people from neighboring Aceh province. Offering selections of beef, poultry, or seafood toppings, Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok is crowded continuously by food lovers charmed by its enticing odor and place on spices. No real surprise if this noodle restaurant has become the most famous Halal Foods in Medan

. You can decide on the fried noodle or the boiled for extra relish.

  1. Sup Sumsum Sapi — Rumah Makan Sipirok

Jl. Sunggal No. 14

Visit this restaurant and get ready to enjoy the best beef bone marrow soup in town. The soup is so flavorful and tasty, and you’ll have to drink the marrow by adhering the straw from the bones and drink it up. Yum! The broth soup is tasteful, perfectly seasoned and refreshing. While you’re there, don’t forget to try the noodle soup. It’s equally scrumptious and will surely make you ask for a second round.

  1. Kari Bihun — Rumah Makan Tabona

Jl. Mangkubumi No 17

Tabona restaurant serves some intense succulent dish right here, especially for the savory food lovers. The meal consists of juicy beef cuts (or poultry ), boiled vermicelli and that mouth-watering orangy curry broth! The restaurant interior might look easy. However, the tables are always packed with visitors longing for that perfect curry taste.

  1. Mie Balap

Jl. Wahidin

Mie Balap (literal translation: race noodle) gets its name from people who see the cook working at full speed to make the dish and serve multiple clients at once. Cooked on a wood stove, Mie Balap’s main ingredients are vermicelli (or kway teow) and fish, poultry meatballs, beef, or seafood. One signature touch is the green chili sauce, drizzled just before the noodle is served on a banana leaf. It’s so much fun watching the cook manage a big wok — what a remarkable skill!

  1. Nasi Soto Medan — RM. Sinar Pagi

Jl. Sei Deli No. 2D

Established in 1962, this famous restaurant serves heavenly traditional Indonesian soup named Soto Medan. Many people line up to purchase as soon as it opens at 7 am (this location sells 500 bowls per day on average). You can choose to have your soto with beef entrails, poultry or meat shreds. The soto is served with rice to your carbo energy.