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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

Many a times, you would have thought about starting a cute and flirtatious conversation with a guy you really like. But it usually happens with all of us that we go straight dumb in front of the guy we have a crush on. But ladies, this is the time you need to buckle up your feelings a bit and get yourself some confidence.

Here we have compiled a list of best questions to ask a guythat you girls would totally love.

  1. I was wondering if we two could go on for some hang out this weekend, can we?
  2. What do you like most about talking to me and that too in late night?
  3. What is that piece of apparel that you think would look great on me?
  4. If I would ask you to gift me something then what would you give me?

Well, such flirty questions to ask a guy can be really beneficial for you. You never know what his answers can be at any time.

  1. What are your criteria of judging a girl upon?
  2. Where would you take a girl on first date?

7.Did you ever use fun games to play over text with a girl ?

  1. What was the last time you did phone sex with someone?
  2. With whom would you like to go on a deserted island with?
  3. Are you single right now?
  4. Are you looking for a girl to date?
  5. Does your heart belong to someone silently?
  6. Is it fair enough for you to judge a girl just over her looks?
  7. Would you ever ditch your friends to go for a date with me?
  8. What if some girl proposes you right now? What would you do?
  9. Who is your favorite party buddy without whom you feel bored even in the best parties?
  10. What was the shortest duration you were not single for?

These types of flirty questions to ask a guy will tell you that how he takes relationships and love. It can be really great for you to know it.

  1. Who is that girl in your friends group, you find really hot and happening?
  2. Which color do you think I look best in?
  3. What kind of girls do you like more, those with tomboyish attitude or those who are pretty and cute?
  4. Have you ever dated a girl who was way taller than you? – One of best have you ever questions to ask a boy.
  5. Is smartness a quotient for you to date or love a girl?

23.What kind of people you find the coolest ones to hang out with?

  1. What do you like the most about a female body?
  2. Have you ever been so obsessed with a girl that you really stalked her for days?


Hey girls, I hope these flirty questions to ask a guy are just the perfect things you were searching for. These are cute, crazy, kinky and most importantly flirty. It would surely help you to get close with the one you always wanted to. So, get ready to have one awesome conversation with him.