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How to find news for your blog

Those who are into blogging have to keep coming up with different and interesting topics to blog about. Some might even consider News blogs. News blogs can be specifically useful. Let us see how –

Bringing News into your blog and trying to make it one of the best in Australia is a great move. It would bring in fresh content, especially if you bring in content that no one has heard about yet. Also it gives you the opportunity to show your own thoughts and ideas in that category. If you are able to get ‘scoops’ you would be the first one to come up with a particular News and basically get more recognition and traffic.

Repetitive News – This being said, bloggers might not really have connections into this particular field or may not be in a position to break News as such. If you look at other channels or sites, news is the same all over. It is repeated in every network and media. So what is it that you can do different? Well, what will be different for you is commenting on that existing news that others have already introduced. You could present worthy research and opinions. So the idea is to find News such that you can comment on and present ideas on.

Read and Read – If you are looking for something worthy of your blog; you would have to go through a lot of news. In order to write, you first need to read and research a lot. As you go through this process you will surely pick up on lots of sources. They could be other bloggers, mainstream news and other weird areas too. Soon, you will be able to identify and get a feel for the right ‘bits’. This would help you in presenting your ideas intelligently.

Feeds – As a blogger you probably are aware of RSS feeds. It is basically a method of information publishing. With the help of feeds you would be able to digest all kinds of news as this presentsNews for several sites at a time. This way you can go through a number of sites from a single eye hole. You wouldn’t have to go through each bit of news separately or individually.

Hence it goes without saying that you need a decent feed reader. Most feed readers these days are free. All you need to decide is whether to go for one that is web based or software based.

The next step would be to gather feeds and start subscribing to journals, magazines, blogs and newspapers.

Social bookmarks – If you are looking for some news that is different or ‘first’ then you need to start with social bookmarking. It is basically a service which lets people share their bookmarked sites. This kind of depends on the list of keywords that you generate. The proper list would generate the news and sites that you would want. Social bookmarking tools can help you with actually discovering new things provided you use the keywords judiciously.

You could also visit news sites like Google News which uses human involvement and computer algorithms to bring in a large collection of news. All the above tips should help you find worthy topics for your News blogs.