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Few simple steps to keep diabetes under control

Diabetes is occurs when the blood sugar level in a human body becomes too high. It can go out of hand if left unattended for a long time. It is better to start the treatment from the initial stage. Right treatment at the right time can prevent diabetes from becoming a life threatening disease.

Steps to be taken if you are a diabetes patient:-

  • The first and foremost is consulting a doctor who knows the best remedy. Dr.Pankaj Naram a renowned face in the medical industry believes that this sort of health problems should be treated at a very early stage. The best way to cure or control such disease is to seek the help of therapy which is prevailing from the ancient age. The time tested Ayurveda therapies can treat the problem from root.

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  • Smocking can prove to be extremely dangerous if you are having diabetes. If you are unable to let go of the smoking habit, ask your doctor to guide you.
  • The blood pressure and the cholesterol has to be kept under check. High blood pressure level along with diabetes can lead to heart attacks or stroke. Eating foods that are healthy and practicing yoga or meditation can prevent the damage from becoming more severe.
  • In diabetes one has to be really careful about the teeth. It has been found that diabetes can make a person vulnerable to gum infection. Therefore, regular dentist check-up is necessary for any diabetes patient.
  • High blood pressure in diabetes reduces the blood flow, leaving feet at the most dangerous state. It can damage the nerves of feet. You need to be a little bit more careful about the feet. Make sure to wash your feet daily with lukewarm water. Don’t leave any cuts or sores unattended for a long time.
  • If you drink alcohol, try to do it moderately. High intake of alcohol can lead to very high blood sugar level. Be a little bit responsible and restrain the amount of alcohol intake.
  • Stress and fatigue can be dangerous. Take it very seriously. Try to relax and sleep. If your daily hectic schedule does not permit you to take time off, give yourself the ancient treatment, that will definitely reduce the stress level.

While treating diabetes, the natural remedies can work like wonder. The heavy medicines have got different effects which can prove to be harmful in the later years. It is recommended to try out medicines made out of natural ingredients like honey, butter, milk and things easily available in the kitchen. The time tested Ayurveda medicines have proved why millions of people opts for it.

The Ayurveda remedies have gripped the entire world. Dr.Pankaj Naram is trying to bring the ancient treatments into every home. He has helped more than hundred individuals to defeat health issues in the most natural way. The best thing about Ayurveda treatment is, it does not have any side effects. It can only heal you, it can never cause any damage to anyone.