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Fabulous line-up of content writers to get my work done in a jiffy!

I had just started a new business last year and as everyone else, needed to go online with my own website as well. The website design was being carried out by a fantastic company I had outsourced the project to, but when the final product came up for inspection, I was totally appalled at the language and the presentation of the textual content on fabulous looking webpages. On digging further, I realised that the web designers had limited expertise as regards to language skills. Then I heard of the concept of content writers, something I had not been aware of till now.

Okay, so I needed a content writer, but where and how to get one? I asked around and was given the reference of someone who worked as a freelance writer. On contacting the concerned person, I explained my requirements and was promised delivery within a week. The week stretched to two, then three and I practically gave up the hope of getting anything done from that end.

Around this time, a friend suggested I turn my attention to ContentMart. Desperate that I was, I registered and logged in. Yet, once bitten, twice shy, I had a horde of doubts and questions. It looked good, but did it work? Out of sheer curiosity, I dropped some queries at their helpdesk. To my surprise, I got a call back from their service centre and a representative explained in detail to me how the system worked.

Convinced to give it a try, I posted my first job – a small one. The response stunned me! Here, I had been searching for one writer, and there my job had some 15 odd freelance writers bidding! Each sounded better than the other, so I wanted to understand them a bit mire. I shortlisted 3 of them and with the wonderfully helpful chat facility in ContentMart, I was able to zero in on one of them.

The rest is history. Not only did I get impeccably written content on time, I also had a freelance writer eager to become my content writer for the entire website. Each new job was handled efficiently and I was able to launch my website with the content that I desired.


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A running business needs regular posts in the form of blogs and articles. I am happy with the quality of content writers that I get on ContentMart and I have delegated my entire content requirement to the portal. Why, they even assigned me a direct account manager, when my content requirement grew multi-fold.

Content is my strength with fantastic content writers available via this portal to meet all my needs!