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Everything You Must Know About Testosterone Cypionate When Used for Body Building

You might spend hours in gym, working out and lifting weights to get a good physique. We agree, doing all this is super important, but is that enough? Even after working hard, you are not getting desired results and soon you feel like you’re simply wasting your money and efforts.

With the recent advancement in medical field, so many body supplements are available in the market for body building. Some of them are ineffective, while some show positive results, but may have some side effects. So, it’s important to pick the right one.

One such reliable supplement is “Testosterone cypionate”, which is a synthetic form of testosterone hormone.

Hypogonadism is a testosterone deficiency in which a man’s body fails to produce enough testosterone hormones. Testosterone Cypionate was originally developed to treat hypogonadism. However, later it proved effective for body building and endurance enhancement too.

From the introduction of Testosterone Cypionate to the best dosage schedule for gaining muscle mass, this article will give complete detail on the usage of Testosterone cycle.

What are the bodybuilding benefits of using Testosterone cypionate?

It is a chemical name of Depo-testosterone. Depo testosterone, apart from raising testosterones, provides a number of body building benefits. It helps in

  • Gaining muscle mass.
  • Libido enhancement.
  • Boosting stamina and enhancing strength
  • Performance enhancement.

Dosage cycle for replacement of lower testosterone in men

Study shows that the side effects can happen with almost any medicine, if the dosage taken is more than recommended. So, it is very important you take the right amount of dosage to gain full benefit of any drug.

There are cases where people have taken extremely high or double dosage of testosterone for quick results. It’s strictly prohibited.

Usually, the dose differs depending on the user’s age, health status etc. However, it is recommended to start with a low dosage.

For beginners, recommended dosage is 50-400 mg, usually every 2 or 4 weeks. An adult man may have different dosage depending upon his age, testosterone levels etc.

Is it legal?

Testosterone cypionate is recommended by doctors for maintaining the hormone level. It is available through prescription. Hence, it is legal and completely safe to consume this drug.

How to take?

It is taken in the form of injection. Testosterone cypionate is extremely powerful and hence, it is recommended to get injected in muscles like upper arms or thighs or butt.