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Electronic Cigarette- makes you healthy

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are smoking gadgets that gives the feel of smoking without tobacco, smell, carbon monoxide or ashes to the smokers. Use of electronic cigarettes restores the respiratory well being to the smokers. The size of an electronic cigarette is same as that of a regular cigarette. There will be no dangerous chemicals used in this electronic cigarette. It reduces the chances of developing lung cancer, emphysema and other heart diseases by helping you to quit smoking. These electronic cigarettes are 100% legal and you can use them wherever you are.

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier option for smokers and it has been in use for three years almost. It is used to reduce your smoking habit and also it gradually helps you to stop smoking. Compared to other earlier versions, electronic cigarettes have become more users friendly. Electronic cigarettes generally are sized about a length of 100mm similar to regular cigarettes. These cigars are electric and work with the help of a battery which works to help the liquid to vapor out in the form of smoke which the user inhales. This smoke which comes out is a form of nicotine; it is stored in a Cartridge which can be changed once the liquid is finished. This one cartridge can be used to smoke around 15-18 times, it like smoking 15 to 18 cigarettes. It is cost effective as the cartridges are cheaper than buying the real cigarettes. It would be like a onetime investment on to buy the electric cigarette and then the cartridge can be changed according to the usage.Image result for Electronic Cigarette- makes you healthy

Electronic cigarettes contain the same taste of conventional cigarettes that is the taste of a tobacco which satisfies the smokers cravings for nicotine but it will be devoid of all that harmful and dangerous toxins that causes ill effects. Electronic cigarettes are considered as a savior that saves smokers from health problems.

Electronic cigarette consists of an atomizer, a battery and a nicotine chamber that holds liquid nicotine also called as e juice. It allows a smoker to smoke and hold it the same way as a regular cigarette. The electronic cigarette glows at its tip when a smoker inhales it and emits vapor like smoke which is artificial. Many cartridges of different strengths, minimal are available in the nicotine chamber which is used by the smokers until they stop smoking.  They improve the savings to normal costs as the cartridges of nicotine chamber lasts the same time as 20 or 25 cigarettes.  Different strengths of cartridges are standard, low, medium, and no nicotine at all.

It is legal to smoke this electronic cigarette in the public as they do not emit any toxins, dangerous substances or real smoke. It is an added benefit to the smokers. Electronic cigarettes can be used in pubs, restaurants and offices unlike conventional cigarette that are not allowed to be used inside the offices or restaurants. There is no problem of passive smoking which is a benefit to non smokers. Electronic cigarettes are smoking aids that are environmental friendly, cheap and healthier.