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The Lucky Few…

Having completed your GCSEs in a blaze of glory, you probably think you are destined for more of the same at A-Level. . . Maybe some of you reading this will indeed continue your education success and flow through your A-Levels, University and then on into your career because you just have that X-Factor that Simon Cowell goes looking for year-on-year. You never need help as you ride along on the crest of the wave as you keeping progressing forward towards each and every one of your goals like some sort of ‘Educational Terminator’ pursuing the Sarah Connor of results!

The Majority’s Mistakes . . .

For the majority of us, thinking your success in your GCSEs entitles you to also achieve similar results at A-Level is just plain foolhardy in reality. Nevertheless, so many students get caught out now concerning what they consider to be the most important things in life – in line with the oft quoted words of the great Ferris Bueller –Image result for COMMON MISTAKES NEW A-LEVEL STUDENTS MAKE

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Of course, this is fine, but only to a certain degree in the cold light of day. To completely forget the need to take your studies seriously from the outset is asking for trouble in view of the impact that they can clearly have upon your future. Remember, what you do at the start of your studies on an A-Level course in any given subject is meant to prepare you for the harder requirements of that course further along including the examinations and assessments that you will have to complete to show your knowledge.

How can such problems be avoided?

Take your studies seriously and DO NOT ever be too proud to ask for help. If you are having problems with your understanding of a particular subject area then, put simply, all you need to do is ask the teacher. After all, that is what they are there for: to help you as it is in their interest as much as it is yours for you to get the best possible result in realising your potential.

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Therefore, in summary, this article emphasises the fact many students starting their A-Levels think they are MEANT to succeed and to not do so is somehow abnormal when the reality is completely different as there are so many resources available to help you achieve.