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Coffee Chains Battle for Our Custom

It is difficult to walk down any high street without seeing one of the large coffee chains. It had been thought that these chains would mean the end of the road for independent outlets. However, smaller outlets are on the increase, so here we look at the rise in popularity of coffee shops and how you might go about setting up your own.


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Just over ten years ago there were fewer than 10,000 outlets selling coffee in the UK, but according to The Caterer, by 2017 there will be over 20,000 outlets with all the chains competing for our business.

The Rise and Rise of the Coffee Shop

Chains such as Costa, Starbucks and Caffé Nero have dominated the British high street for more than a decade, with the coffee industry said to be worth a staggering £3.4 billion. And it is no wonder, as apparently the average Briton spends £2,000 a year on coffee from coffee shops. However, although the end might not be nigh for the big boys, the British might have slightly fallen out of love with the main coffee chains. According to Citigroup, growth for the big chains is stalling as people have realised that they want more than the big chains can offer. So if you want a piece of the coffee market action, how would you go about it?


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Setting Up Your Own Coffee Shop

In a nutshell, it is important to make sure your coffee shop offering is unique and that you are positioned somewhere away from the main chains in order to increase initial footfall into your establishment. However, this must be balanced with being in a place where the public can find you. You might want to make your business unique by using something like the fact that you roast your own blends on the premises in the style of a ‘micro-brewery’ or that you have a food offering to tempt the public with. This may require specialist equipment beyond coffee making, such as roasting equipment and shop serve overs like those from Fridge Freezer Direct.

So if you fancy taking on the big coffee shop chains and opening your own, then hopefully this has inspired you to do so. The growth in independent coffee outlets shows that there is room on the British high street for everyone.