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Choose cold room hire.

Professional chiller hire firms supply units for numerous occasions, including these:

  • Weddings.
  • Domestic parties.
  • Professional parties.
  • Christenings
  • Country shows.
  • Outdoor theatre.
  • Exhibitions
  • School Fetes.
  • Fun runs and marathons.
  • Festivals
  • Fair grounds3

Commercial clients like hotels and restaurants have a high demand for cold room hire to cope with demand, allow additional capacity and exemplary product and service delivery.

Domestic users are also frequent, for a gathering in a property, in the garden, in a barn and even for fishing and camping trips.

Domestic fridges weren’t built for bulk consumption, i.e. a party for fifty people so a chiller hire unit is the perfect solution.

It can be discreetly positioned in a garage or conservatory for the event without fuss but with excellent chilling facilities that will enhance party food and drinks.

Food will stay fresher for longer. Even on a cool spring or autumn day the temperature will still be a little too high for food to be at its optimum standard so don’t depend on cool air to do the refrigeration work.

Additional cold room hire will make food preparation easier ahead of a party. Why struggle when you don’t need to? If you’re a professional you’ll understand the implications of not following legislation.

  • Cold room hire units are lockable with one or two keys provided to the client.
  • The cold room hire unit is insured but any items placed within it are not.
  • Cold rooms don’t have wheels for transportation. They must be delivered to site not collected by the client. It will also be collected by the chiller hire company.
  • Cold rooms aren’t easily movable once in position so please be sure where you’d like the cold room hire supplier to place it prior to delivery.
  • Ice can be stored for hours in a cold room without it becoming unusable.

Fridge vans are generally less cost effective and efficient than chiller hire. Clients incur fuel costs and travel time with vans that ensure cold room hire units are exceedingly popular.

Chiller hire is less expensive than van hire because the competition has pushed prices down and the client is hiring a refrigeration facility not a vehicle which makes insurances, costs and services more customer friendly.

With companies like IcecoolHYPERLINK “” Trailers, who cover the Home Counties, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, South Wales and the Midlands, their delivery and collection of cold room hire facilities is a prerequisite. Units and transportation are regularly serviced and maintained and all emergency equipment is carried on board.

Cold room hire companies normally offer a 24/7 emergency chiller hire service that can help you to avert disaster caused by a faulty or broken down fridge on site. The best chiller hire firms work swiftly because they understand the stress and implications of a misbehaving fridge on the effective and safe running of a business.

Adherence to safety and food hygiene standards is paramount so don’t neglect your cold room hire obligations.