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Coffee Chains Battle for Our Custom

It is difficult to walk down any high street without seeing one of the large coffee chains. It had been thought that these chains would mean the end of the road for independent outlets. However, smaller outlets are on the increase, so here we look at the rise in popularity

Buttermilk Kitchen – A Brunch Spot to Appreciate

Finding a place where you can take your family out for a good meal might not be a difficult task. There are so many hotels out there. The list when you search will continue forever. However, when choosing restaurants you need to consider a lot of facts which only an


Guilty pleasure is all of the good things which are forbidden. Yet, they make everything seem a little less drab, or a little less vicious. For instance, it is a quite well-known practice that after a heartbreak, of any sort, one would resort to some good quality ice-cream. Ice-creams do

An overview of an HACCP training course

HACCP or Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points is a global, European and UK standard of risk management within food oriented environments. HACCP training service providers including the knowledgeable trainers at Food Alert can offer continued monitoring and advise how to maintain records effectively after the training day. This can prove invaluable

Choose cold room hire.

Professional chiller hire firms supply units for numerous occasions, including these: Weddings. Domestic parties. Professional parties. Christenings Country shows. Outdoor theatre. Exhibitions School Fetes. Fun runs and marathons. Festivals Fair grounds Commercial clients like hotels and restaurants have a high demand for cold room hire to cope with demand, allow additional