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Buttermilk Kitchen – A Brunch Spot to Appreciate

Finding a place where you can take your family out for a good meal might not be a difficult task. There are so many hotels out there. The list when you search will continue forever. However, when choosing restaurants you need to consider a lot of facts which only an expert who is in hotel business will be able to tell you. Susie Rachele is the general manager of Buttermilk Kitchen which has created a name for itself because of the good food which they serve every day. Added to this is their hospitality which makes people come back for more. Susie being the leader of the hotel staffs has made it clear that each customer who walks inside the hotel gets proper reception. Being in the hospitality for a long time, Susie knows that people come for good food. But, they come for better reception as well. They come because the staff and their hospitality have succeeded in bringing out a smile. She knows that without proper reception everything else is useless. People will come, but they will not come back if your reception is not proper.

Susie is a food stylist. She believes in presentation. She knows that beauty in presenting things actually attracts people. It is important to understand that behavior and presentation can take a hotel a long way.

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Susie Rachele says that location plays a great role when you are trying to choose a restaurant to eat out. It is the location which helps people come to a decision. Without checking this out, people usually don’t go to a hotel. Foodies usually search for something where they can walk over. However, if you really want to have fun, you should drive away to the place. This is more fun according to Susie.

Because she is from hospitality, Susie makes it a point to check some facts when she is choosing a place to eat with her own friends. Ambience which will welcome you as you walk in, matters a lot. This is why she has made a point to adorn Buttermilk Kitchen in a way that it will attract attention of the people who come for dinning. When people are satisfied with the decoration of the place they are coming to eat, they usually come back for more. For this reason, it is important to remember that eating out is a complete experience where food is just a part. Even after taking care of this part, you need to offer things which will delight the customers. Susie for this reason, takes care of the decoration herself.

When someone goes to a hotel for brunch they usually look for combos. This is one of the attractions. Platters are usually the most famous items which people choose. Susie for this reason has created breakfast platters which make people come back for more. Each Sunday people stand in the line to get a piece of this breakfast platter. This special item offers a range of things which act as fillers and satisfy the taste bud as well.