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Best Toys For Your Newborn Angel

For the new mothers out there, it might be difficult to know which toys they should buy, which is where this article will help. Later on, you can even purchase your kids a safe ride on toys from Step2 Direct, which is an online store with many other great toys.

In the first month when your baby is born, before she even gets to learn how to grab an object or sit up, your baby will mostly appreciate and find things interesting that are different colored and shapes. You can also let your baby listen to some soothing melodies.

Since the baby’s vision will be fizzy, she will only fixate on things that are 15 inches from her eyes, however in her first month the baby will only be able to see about 12 inches. This is why mother’ face will be the most interesting toy for her, as you make silly faces and noises.

Entertain your babies with different sounds, shapes and pictures

Bright colors and high-contrast patterns will make her captivated, because that is the easiest for her to see. Your baby has already learned how to appreciate good music, and if you need any advice on that, there are many online articles that will help you choose the right songs for your baby.


Some toys:

  1. Hand-held toys

Because your baby is not able to see everything clearly yet, everything that you bring near her, she will simply love. However, it is quite normal that she will not be able to hold toys for a while, but she will demonstrate her love for toys by biting them.

  1. Music games

Having an mp3 player or a music box is a great thing if you have a newborn. Music is one of the easiest and best ways to entertain your baby and make her feel at ease with some soothing sounds. Pay attention to how she responds to different tracks, so you can even see her favorite.

  1. Your phone

We all know that phones are just flashy devices with games and sounds when it comes to kids, and your baby will surely appreciate seeing the toy sparkle when she presses a button. Look for the phones with pretty colors, and the ones that make music!

  1. Mirror

Many people do not know this, but simply giving your baby, an unbreakable mirror will keep her entertained for hours. This is because your baby is just finding out the wonders of this world, as everything seems interesting to her.

  1. Different books with colors and images

Since your baby is obsessed with patterns, images, textures and contrast, it is always a good idea to get a story book that has all of that. You can read her the story, and as she enjoys your voice, she will also enjoy the images.

  1. Wind chimes

While there are people who find these annoying, but wind chimes always make babies smiley. They happen when the wind occurs or when the tug on the rope. This will surely keep your baby happy and entertained as well.

Baby’s favorite toy will still be her mother’s face

Final word

Finding toys in this stage of your kid’s life is the easiest, since they are just learning new things, which means that everything is interesting to them. Later, you should buy them toys like the Step2 Direct kids soccer net!