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Best Denpasar Attractions To Go

There are many Denpasar attractions that can be the best destination to feel and taste the exoticness of Bali. Bali is well known as beautiful and Exotic Island with many places to go. Culture, art, landscape and modern live that blend can make Bali looks very attractive to go. Denpasar is capital city in Bali that offers many tourism places that are attractive and become best destination. Natural landscape, culture tourism, educative tourism and so on will complete your holiday in Bali. Your holiday will be great and unforgettable when you visit many attractions available in Denpasar, Bali.

Some of you may know Denpasar beach for tourism destination which is beautiful and exotic. However, you can find something different in Denpasar except beaches that also offer beauty. Here are many attractions in Denpasar that can be the best destination for your Holiday in Bali.

  • Shark Island

One of the unique Denpasar tourist attractions that can’t be missed is Shark Island. It is located in the east from Serangan Island. In this island, you can feel unique and usual swimming experience because you will swim with sharks. The sharks are friendly so that you do not need to worry of being attacked by the sharks. In 10 x 10 meters pool, there are dozens of sharks which are cared before they released to the open seas.

  • Mangrove Forest of NgurahRai

One of the beautiful Denpasar attractions that you should visit is Mangrove Forest in NgurahRai. The location of this mangrove forest is on Denpasar southern coastline. It is in Suwung village. Well, you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscape of the forest by walking along the wooden tracks.

  • Cultural Village of Kertalangu

Kertalangu cultural village or desawisataKertalangu offers you many attractions and activities. In this village, you can find green paddies, fishing arena, restaurants, and also outdoor activity center. Activities that you can do in this tourism place are woodcarving, horse riding, fishing, painting and also dancing lesson of Balinese traditional dance. Here, you can have great holiday experience and also learn about the culture of Bali.

  • Turtle Conservation and Education Center

When you are visiting Bali, do not forget to visit this one of the unique Denpasar city attractions located in Serangan Island. This place is used to breed and protect the sea turtles. If there is turtle that accidentally caught by local fisherman, it will be brought to this conservation to be protected and cared. This place is suitable to visit for all ages especially for kids.

Denpasar will never enough to give best places to visit to spend your holiday. There are many tourism places that offer beauty, history and culture. There are many temples in Denpasar that will be great destination to know more about the culture and historical background of Bali. You can also visit art festival in Denpasar for unique experience that usually comes in special time. You should not miss any Denpasar attractions and feel the real live of Bali.