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How To Become a Cosmetologist In Texas

When you want to learn how to apply makeup or dye hair, it is important to attend a great school. You can enroll in the Academy of Hair Design in Austin, Texas to learn the essential information required for becoming a beautician or cosmetologist. Working in these careers is lucrative because men, women and children will always need to have haircuts for everyday and special events. Anyone working in the beauty care industry must become licensed in the region where she lives, and she is required to have a certain level of education.

What Do Students Study While In Cosmetology School? 

First, students learn about specialized hygiene practices such as sanitizing hairbrushes, combs and shampoo sinks. A student also learns about human anatomy in order to understand a client’s head and facial structure. In order to help clients, beauticians must recognize problems such as head lice or ringworm in addition to dermatitis on the scalp that leads to dandruff. Before working with clients, a student will practice with mannequins or wigs to learn how to cut hair and apply makeup.

You Will Need Practical Training

Eventually, students work with practice clients who receive their services for free or at a reduced cost. This helps with increasing a student’s confidence level before she begins additional training alongside licensed beauticians in real hair salons or day spas. A student will observe knowledgeable beauticians and makeup artists to understand how to work with clients by communicating properly. When a student is working with a client, an experienced beautician remains nearby to provide assistance.

Students Learn How to Use Chemicals and Equipment 

You learn new information while completing practical training so that you will understand how to provide chemical treatments on hair to avoid damaging the hair strands or scalp. In addition, you will learn how to style hair by using braiding techniques or hairpins. Part of your training will include knowing how to use equipment such as curling irons or hair dryers. You must learn how to move a client’s chair into the recline feature to wash, dye and condition hair.

Applying For Your Cosmetology License 

The state of Texas has different licensing requirements for several levels of cosmetologists, including shampoo specialist, makeup artist and operator certificates. After completing the appropriate course hours at Academy of Hair Design, you can take the state’s examination. If you have a passing score, then you will submit your information to the state’s professional licensing board to receive a document that verifies that you are a licensed makeup artist or beautician. You can take copies of this document with you when you apply for jobs in the beauty care industry.