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We are anxious not about the future, but about the desire to control it


Fifteen years of medical research has revealed that there is no definitive, stable cure for Anxiety. The good part is that you have a host of therapies at your disposal to minimize its effects on your personal and professional life. Unlike popular opinion, if you have an anxiety disorder, it is like any other ailment whose symptoms can be reduced over time.

What can be done about anxiety:

In England, every year the economy bears a loss of 14.2 billion Pounds due to related anxiety disorders. This figure is based on the cost of medications incurred by patients and the turnover of people in companies due to related anxiety symptoms. Now that’s quite an alarming estimate. This brings the million dollar question: how do you counter it? The leading psychiatrists for anxiety therapy in Sheffield have proposed the following steps:

  • Exit the vicious cycle of thoughts by recognizing their pattern. Self-realization holds the key
  • Never compromise on a good night’s sleep. Uninterrupted 06 to 08 hours sleep is critical
  • Exercise regularly. This is required if you have a desk job.
  • Never forget who you are. This might seem philosophical. But research shows that people with good work-life balance tend to show lesser symptoms of anxiety
  • Take a break from your work in between. It is better than wasting 09 to 12 hours of your life every day not making use of your productivity and prevents burn out.

Don’ts in Anxiety redressal:

You may be surprised, but there are many such activities we perform in our daily lives that actually aggravate the anxiety symptoms. Some of these hidden devils are:

  • Drinking less water. Less water means you are thirsty; if you are thirsty you are stressed
  • Drinking more coffee and tea results in higher caffeine content in your blood; high caffeine means less sleep, and less sleep means more anxiety
  • Starving on your diet means starving your brain; anxiety levels go off the charts.