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Anavar’s Disadvantages

Anavar is a fragile anabolic drug which was invented to treat muscle wasting disease, surface area burn victims, Tuners syndrome and anemia. Administration of Anavar @ Oxandrolone helped the patients to recoup the lost muscles, generate new tissue, bone tissues. The Anavar dose varies based on the requirement of the patient’s condition. But, in the sports world, Oxandrolone has been used to improve lean muscle mass, increase stamina and endurance along with weight loss. Since Anavar has mild androgenic properties, it does not suit for bulking phases. Persons who want to make their appearance rigid, ripped with cut shape may adopt Anavar. Women are more choosy about the drug due to its less to no virilization traits. So, Anavar is otherwise called as “Girl Steroid”.

It is always advisable to take such an anabolic drug with a proper prescription and should have known about their side effects. If the drugs are taken above the limited period, the body’s tissues will start to tear off and the vital organs will be annihilated. So it is necessary to both the patients and doctors know about the positive and negative effects of Anavar before prescribing provided whatever the reason is.

Anavar side effects:

Though Anavar is mild in androgenic, still strong in anabolic nature. So, the anabolic effect will be at high quotient. Being a friendly AAS to women, still, it causes some unpleasant side effects of overdoses.

Anavar stimulates numerous skin issues. It increases acne and oil secretion, changes the skin color, causes male pattern baldness in men and women. Oxandrolone increases hair growth on the pubic, face and back side. Clitoral enlargement, changes in libido, menstrual problems are experienced at increased dosage of Anavar for women. Consuming alcohol after taking Anavar put severe stress on the liver, causes irreversible liver damage. Allergic reaction on the face, tongue swelling, nausea, headache, and vomiting are reported as physiological Anavar side effects.

Anavar does not only stop with physiological adverse effects, but Psychological side effects of Anavar are also noted. Anavar causes severe mood swings and it may be regular or sporadic. The anxiety towards achieving particular body shape leads to depression state. Self-esteem and overconfidence towards their achievement will psychologically turn them to feel euphoric.

Anavar Alternative:

Anvarol is an alternative to Anavar which contains legal and natural ingredients. It mimics the same benefits without any physiological and Psychological side effects of Anavar. The users experienced increased strength and stamina, enhanced fat burning by retaining muscle mass, increased burning of visceral and subcutaneous fat, along with improved muscle density and hardness. If you do not get any proper source to buy Anavar legally or you are afraid of side effects, then Anvarol is the best option.

Anavar is strictly not recommended for those who suffer from kidney ailments, enlarged prostate, heart failure, stroke, liver neoplasm, Nephrotic syndrome. If you have any of the above issues inform your physician before getting prescribed Anavar to avoid fatalities. Be sure about your choice, analyze pros and cons, then start your usage as safe as possible.