Feb 19 2010

Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures…

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t amydaly feet 01 Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures... t amydaly feet 02 Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...

I’ve looked through all the Amy Daly pictures I could find and couldn’t really find any which featured her feet as the central focus… sorry Foot Lover! Maybe sometime here in the future we’ll get some for you or if you check out Amy Daly’s Official Blog, perhaps she’ll be kind enough to post one or two snapshots there for you! I did find these pictures though so I hope you’ll at least enjoy this little preview of her set on Shemale Yum!

So, really great news that Amy Daly will be attending the 2009 Tranny Awards on March 4th… and, as one of our readers has commented, you can be sure she’ll be one of the tasty Transsexual treats there! The date is drawing near so come on by and say ‘Hi’ to Amy Daly (and her feet) in person!

t amydaly feet 03 Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...


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  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...
  • services sprite Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures...

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9 Responses to “Some Amy Daly Feet Pictures…”

  1. Rockabilly says:

    “How bout a cheeky footjob?” My friend Ram would love those pics. Cute tootsies Amy.

  2. Paul says:

    More shoots/videos with Amy barefoot would be great.
    Amy and sweet Hazel Tucker sucking each others toes and giving each other a footjob would be awesome!

  3. Foot Lover says:

    I almost had a heart attack now.
    I loved those soles. I could suck and lick them all the day. So delicious.

    I must agree with that first 2 comments. Watch they sucking each other would be a great scene.

    Thanks for the pics. Hey Amy, please, if you read this post, make 1 or 2 pics for us showing your toes.
    Kisses from Brazil.
    Foot Lover

  4. Amy Daly says:

    Hey Footlover, I am going to do a whole foot fetish for my site(www.amydaly.com) next time I shoot just because you want it! Tell me what you want to see : ) I will post a couple pics on my blog when I have em! http://www.amydaly.com/blog

  5. Foot Lover says:

    Dear Amy Daly. It is a pleasure to me read your post answering mine one. I wish I could write everything I feel but my english is so pour.

    I will be glad if you take some pics, maybe siting in a chair with your feet dangling, or maybe you puting your tongue on your toes (this is a nice physical job).

    But I would like to see your feet near your cock, in close, to make me have fantasies all the night.

    So, for the complete set, about foot fetish, it would be nice if you use high heels, toe rings, maybe socks, latex gloves and boots, do worship, these kind of stuffs.

    Well, thanks so much for your attention.
    Kisses and regards.

  6. Paul says:

    For heavens sake, please no socks!! There is nothing more unerotic than socks (and pantyhose). Boots are o. k. in the beginning of a shoot, but You should be barefoot in the end.

  7. Amy Daly says:

    Yea, but Paul, you have to understand that there are a lot of people who do love pantyhose and socks too. So there will be some stuff like that, but as far as a whole foot fetish set goes, I do agree, that it would end up with me barefoot. I want to just have fun a try on a bunch of stuff and just shoot it : )

  8. Foot Lover says:

    Dear Amy and Paul. I agree, I do not like socks, but see her foot in socks and then watch her taking it off let’s me crazy.

    I think that white socks, transparent ones would be nice.

    Please, wear skirt without panty and high heels, with an upskirt shoot. The view from down to up is marvelous.

    If possible, not only soles pics. Your whole foot is delicious.
    Kisses and licks.

  9. Thanks for the fascinating article.

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