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All that you wanted to know about Anavar dosage

As with any steroid, the right dose of Anavar is important to bring about the desired results. Also, different users may experience different kinds of benefits from Anavar. Also, it is used by both men and women, but at the same time, the effects on each will be different and so will be the doses and cycles recommended. Hence, if you wish to use Anavar for your fitness regimen, then you should read more about it and also understand its functioning. You should also find more about the right doses, the cycle to be maintained, and the side effects.

The right Anavar dosage for men and women

Men generally prefer Anavar for the cutting cycle but it is often taken with another supplement. Anavar is thus more beneficial in cutting down fats and it is not much beneficial for building mass muscles. Some users even take a larger dose of Anavar for muscle growth but it takes place only on a smaller level. That is why, you should not waste your time and money in trying out Anavar for your bulking cycle. Anavar is quite expensive and you do not want to let go of your money just like that. The right Anavar dosages for men is 50 mg daily but at the same time, it should be known that Anavar cycle can be quite expensive.

As for women, Anavar is the preferred steroid because it is very mild. Also, it does not bring about bulking of muscles and that is why women may prefer Anavar to any other steroid. The recommended Anavar dosage for women is 10 mg daily but there are users who may want to increase the dose if they find it easy to tolerate but it should be noted that Anavar can cause virilisation effects in women when higher doses are used. A six-week cycle is what is beneficial for women.  A tip for women regarding Anavar use is to first complete the cycle and then take a break and wait for at least 4 weeks and then again continue the 6-week Anavar cycle.

The tolerance level of Anavar dosage

Anavar is fairly a mild steroid and that is why, its tolerance levels are quite high. With women users especially, Anavar works well as it is a sensitive steroid. But women should stick to the instructed dosage as high doses or overdosing of Anavar can cause several side effects. Also, if you experience any side effect, it is best to stop using it for a period of time and then continue its use. In this way, much of the side effects can be prevented and tolerance level to the steroid can be increased.

At the same time, when used responsibly, Anavar can bring about many benefits such as increasing metabolism, enhancing size as well as strength of muscles and even helping in tissue regeneration. But if you think that by increasing the dose than what it has been recommended will bring about better results, then you are wrong. Increased dose can only give you harmful effects.