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How to Add Slow Effect on Your Video with Movavi Video Editor

Slow motion effect can make your video play slower giving you a feeling of surreality. It is great for adding drama or highlighting an action that is easily missed in the video. You can now add the slow motion effect yourself if you enjoy watching events happening slowly in the movie. You don’t need to hire a professional to add the slow motion effect. It is a simple effect that you can add by using a basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor.

To add slow down video effect, you must first download Movavi Video Editor and install it on your computer. Next, you must load the video file that you want to add the slow down effect into the software. To load the video, you simply drag it into the timeline and let go when you see a small plus icon. Another way to load the video is to click on the Add Media Files button and select the video file.  You can select more than one movies to add them to the timeline.

Once the video is added to the timeline, you can go to Properties and adjust the speed. You can access the Properties by clicking on the gearwheel button. There are two tabs in the Properties and you are to select the Video tab. Under Video tab, you will see a speed slider. You must move the speed slider towards the left to add the slow motion effect. You can experiment by dragging the slider around and see how it changes the speed of your video.

You can also adjust the video speed by entering a percentage in the range of 0% – 100%. The lower the percentage, the slower the video will play. As you adjust the video speed, you can press the play button to preview it.  When you change the video speed, you will also change the audio track speed. You may not like the audio track to play at a slow speed.

To retain the original audio track speed, you must first mute the audio track by clicking on the mute track icon. Next, you must reload the audio track into the timeline. After that, you can select the muted audio track and press the Del key or the trash icon to delete it. In this way, the video will not play the audio track with the slow motion effect.

You can press the Export button to save the video when you drag the slider to the point which achieves the perfect slow motion speed that you need. You can save the video in a format that is optimized for mobile under the mobile tab if you want to watch it on your mobile device. After selecting the desired file format, you can press the Start button to save the video. When the video file is saved, you can open it on a media player to see if it plays slowly as how you added the slow motion just now.