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Add Choline in Your Diet for Better Health of Your Brain

For improving the health of our brain and liver, we need to consume food that contains Choline in sufficient quantity. Choline can also improve our memory, reasoning power and consciousness. Also, if you want to improve your creativity, then you must take food that contains sufficient amount of choline.

You can get choline in several vegetables as well as other foods. If your food is well balanced then there will be sufficient amount of choline present in your diet. Some of the food items like soymilk, broccoli, tofu, quinoa and animal meats are good source of choline.

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Choline is considered as an essential nutrient

Medical researchers found out that for our liver health choline plays an important role. With the help of this essential brain nutrient, you can reduce fat in your liver. Therefore, most of the dieticians suggest this essential nutrient in our regular diet.

Choline can be available in various foods in following forms

  • Phosphocholine
  • Glycerophosphocholine
  • Sphingomyelin
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Free choline

How much choline must be taken?

Men must take 500 mg of choline while women must take 425 mg in a day, according to recommendation of DRI. According to DRI, every person must take minimum amount of 50 mg in a day and if you do not get this much amount from your food source then your liver is likely to get damaged.

People who have genetic mutations need to consume more amount of choline. In case, you have liver related problem then you must discuss with your doctor, who may suggest you to take choline rich food or its supplements.

How choline works in our body

It works in a number of different ways. Mostly the choline present in our body will be required to synthesize the phosphatidylcholine, which is mainly found in our cell membranes. Intake of choline will maintain the levels of homocysteine.

Those women who are planning to get pregnant must consume choline as per the recommendation of DRI. They should take it along with pre-natal vitamin.

Women can also reduce the possibility of breast cancer by taking moderate amount of choline in their diet. However, men should avoid taking too much of this supplement otherwise there is a risk of developing colon or prostate cancer.

Which food contains colon

Following food items are good source of choline

  • Large eggs
  • Skim milk
  • Chocolate
  • Meat and sea food
  • Beef liver
  • Chicken or turkey liver