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A Brief Understanding How Advertising Helps Businesses

Advertising and promotion will always remain the most important part of a venture. Creating a campaign which will leave a lasting effect on the minds of the viewer or reader is a sheer work of art. A creative director in an advertising agency is entrusted with the magical job creating something out of nothing. Driving a team of copywriters, artists and designers, a creative director is expected to come up with a unique concept and to execute the same.

One such out of the box thinking can be expected from veteran like Joseph Cianciotto. A known name in the media industry, Joseph was associated with DDB NY as their Creative Director. From there he took over the position of Executive Director in Translation. Joseph has been trusted by many clients to deliver the best campaign for them.

In his long career of 19 years, Joseph’s contribution to the media industry did not go unnoticed. He grabbed prestigious awards like ANDY, Webby, Cannes, Clios and many more.This creative person will inspire anyone to opt for media industry.

What is needed to be a media professional:

  • Out of the box thinking : A media professional has to be witty. Creating something good with nothing is their job
  • Great concept : The person should have great the ability to conceptualize things
  • Prompt decision making ability : Thinking on feet is one of the task of media professional
  • Great talker : The person has to be a great communicator, as it is sometimes needed to convince the client that the campaign created is the campaign needed by them

One must also remember that everything related to media is not glamorous. Sometimes one might not get noticed for the work done, one might get a less trendy project which is heart breaking. The job is stressful and it carries the baggage of huge workload. Sometimes it becomes difficult to create something which has not been created ever. But through hard work everything can be overcome. Everything requires a little bit time to settle down. It is better to carry on with the work rather than getting upset about what is not happening. Eventually things will fall into place.

It is always good to hear motivating stories of people like Joe Cianciotto.Hewill encourage many young stars to give media profession a thought. After graduating in Visual Communication, Joseph opted to work as a creative content creator. His creative skill made him move further and grab a job as a Creative Director and VP of D’Arcy Worldwide, another top notch adverting agency.

Joseph has achieved everything thought his hard efforts. The top notch Fortune 500 companies have trusted Joseph to create and deliver the best campaign for them. He has been associated with brands like Gibson, Merck, Diet Pepsi, Electrolux, Unilever, Subaru, NY Lottery and many more. All the clients have hired Joseph to get the best result.

When not working, Joseph spends time with his wife and two doting daughters Sophie and Hannah. This talent professional believes in balancing professional and personal life evenly.